by Betty Yu

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — High-rise living 70 floors up, with eye-popping, 360-degree views will truly be a first for San Francisco.

We’re talking about the penthouse at 181 Fremont, a skyscraper in the heart of the SoMa neighborhood.

The master bedroom has two wings. There are 7 baths — even a butler’s pantry. All spread across 7,000 square feet.

And it comes at an eye-popping price, too: $42 million. Who would — who could — buy this?

“I would venture to say it’s either going to be a foreign buyer or it’s going to be a tech executive or entrepreneur who wants this trophy-type of property. I meanm this is a trophy property,” said Justin Fichelson a broker of luxury real estate in the city.

Indeed, the penthouse — which is just one of 55 residences atop the mixed-use building going up next to the new Salesforce Tower — is the most expensive listing in San Francisco … for now.

Potential buyers will be comforted knowing the structure is being built to withstand a magnitude 8.6 earthquake.

“We have drilled all the way to bedrock and we use bracing in an innovative way to tune the building, which really means that it keeps it from wind-resistance and seismic activity,” explains senior project manager Kelly Drewes, with Jay Paul Company.

The building won’t move an inch but it is changing the neighborhood. The penthouse is expected to be ready for move-in early next year.

Comments (27)
  1. Saw this story link at, which has other unusual news from the Golden State.

  2. Rod Gaskill says:

    Better question, who is dumb enough to make long term commitment to live in California. They are only 2 paces behind Illinois at that Bankruptcy Court

  3. Bob Lee says:

    I wonder if it smells better up there than at street level.

  4. Jay Lewis says:

    Working in an office on the 70th floor is one thing, living there is quite another. The building will sway. All tall building are made to sway. The sway at 700 feet up can be as much as 2 feet in any direction. Imagine trying to sleep on a windy night.

  5. My dentist was on the 10th floor of a building in SF and I was always worried an earthquake would strike when I went for treatment. Glad I left SF after I retired.

  6. George Mauro says:

    Big One can’t come any sooner.

  7. There is a sucker born every minute!

  8. How can you get a penthouse on the 70th floor of a building that is only 56 stories? Salesforce Tower is 61 stories.

  9. Wow!… They could probably stare down and see the entire Pride Parade from start to finish across the city~ with the LeGoBoT-mens’ newly “legalized” BoyScout Troop marching in formation in their tight-little “human-rights” shorts in the front!…

  10. Jenny Cown says:

    Wow. $42 million to live in the liberal/democratic run city of SF with all the human feces, urine, vomit and homeless tent city lining almost every street in SF. WOW. Only a fool would spend $42 million to live in the City of Feces….

  11. Drew Padilla says:

    This building is 56 stories, NOT 70. The Real Estate community needs to act from a more ethical baseline.

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