(KCBS) – New research is out from Loma Linda University on the best way to lose weight when it comes to the frequency and timing of meals.

Dr. Hana Kahleova, one of the study’s authors, said the bottom line is to make breakfast the biggest meal of the day.

“People who are regularly eating breakfast have better chances of keeping their body weight compared to those who are skipping breakfast,” Kahleova said.

Kahleova also suggested having a lighter lunch and maybe even skip dinner altogether. And, whatever you do, avoid snacking between meals.

The study contradicts the assumption that weight loss can be achieved by eating smaller amounts more frequently.

The findings, published in the Journal of Nutrition are based on research involving 50,000 participants.

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  1. Doug Blasco says:

    The way I heard it was eat like a King at Breakfast, a Commoner at Lunch, and a Pauper at Dinner