DANVILLE (CBS SF) – Rebecca Byrom’s fear of flying is nothing compared to her love for her ailing grandson.

So this weekend, as a sign of support for her grandson Alex’s battle with cancer and the bravery he has displayed, the 71-year-old Danville resident will be skydiving in San Diego.

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“I don’t like heights,” Rebecca Byrom told KPIX 5. “I don’t like to fly in an airplane…I will be jumping out of an airplane (to show support for her grandson).”

Joining Rebecca with be her husband Tom who admits that his wife “just came up with this idea.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

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Last year, 11-year-old Alex was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer. He has battled the disease through chemotherapy and surgery and is currently in remission.

Through it all, his grandmother has admired his courage.

“I hope it (the skydive) shows him just how much we love him,” said Rebecca Byrom, who lost a daughter in a car accident years ago. “I lost a daughter years ago… I know what it’s like to lose a child.”

After her daughter’s death, Rebecca became a grief counselor. Now, she wants to do more for kids with cancer. Her skydive will help raise funds for childhood cancer research.

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“This is one thing I can do is to raise money for children’s cancer research,” she said. “Hopefully, it will hopefully someday help other children.”