FRESNO (CBS SF) — Incredible new video out of Fresno was shot when a masked robber used a fake gun and a knife to threaten a Starbucks clerk.

It happened on Thursday.

Fifty-eight-year-old customer Cregg Jerri grabbed a chair, walked up behind the robber and smashed it over his head.

The two started fighting, according to investigators.

Jerri was stabbed in the neck during the struggle but managed to wrestle away the knife and stab the robber several times.

“It was incredibly heroic and the way most people would think that they would respond but may not have the courage to respond,” said Chief Jerry Dyer of the Fresno Police Department.

After the fight the robber took off. He didn’t get far, though, and was later arrested.

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    1. Sam Wise says:

      Hey CBS, how about a face photo so we can ID the perp and be on the lookout for him next time?

  1. Chico Montez says:

    Now Jerry goes to jail. What a country!!

  2. Craig Book says:

    Thank God Starbucks has a no gun policy. Otherwise, that robber may have brought a real gun in and shot someone.

    1. Best comment of the day! 🙂

      1. glad he sues because old jerry ass is cooked even thought the robber is cooked too. One needs to know when to stop. This was the job of the police he went to far when the stabbing went now it looks like a hate crime and the persons don’t know each other it’s not about good person or not he was on camera so he would be caught anyways right it’s not like the robber threatened anyone elses lives? jerry is not an officer!! he takes a chance playing an officer I really don’t think that kid would of pulled the trigger do you?? see ya jerry! as in jail hopefully and keep your hate to yourself!20 years !!

    2. ljk2002 says:

      See what happens when you wish people Merry Christmas @ Starbucks

  3. Danny Carter says:

    Perhaps even in California, Americans are starting to see the light about having all of these losers in their state. When the courage to actually fight back comes from individuals instead of waiting for government forces (police, military, FBI, etc) to do the work for them, then there is hope.

  4. Buz Chertok says:

    Imagine if the courageous citizen was carrying a gun–and used it. HE’D probably get 20 years in the electric chair while the lowlife miscreant would become San Francisco’s new here UNLESS he happened to be an illegal –THEN he would be the next Mayor.

    1. Dan Tiede says:

      Even if he was carrying, in that situation, the chair is a good choice.

  5. WR Beaudoin says:

    Never come between a left wing d-bag and his Cascara Coconutmilk Latte.

  6. Starbucks is probably going to ban all chairs from their stores. Those things are dangerous.

    Or perhaps we need Congress to pass a law that prohibits the manufacture, sell, or purchase of any chair that has at least three features that make it look like an assault chair.

    1. Peter York says:

      hmmm…no claw feet, no kevlar, and no swas stickers

    2. Henry Bowman says:

      Why isn’t there a law that makes furniture manufacturers responsible for all the mayhem caused by criminals who use chairs for violence? MomsDemandUpholstery!

  7. No one helped. The employees just stood around watching. Disgraceful.

    1. Tom Menino says:

      That was my first thought as well. This 58-yr-old customer recognized that once the robber was done with the clerk, he would likely turn to the customers next. I was waiting the entire 30 seconds for someone else to jump in, but I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. Too many of the sheep have weak wrists and weaker spines…

    2. Dave Johnson says:

      No, i’m pretty sure all Starbucks have a ‘safe space’ in the back where their employees can run to and get counseling if they hear an opinion that differs from theirs, or if there appears to be a confrontation of some kind which frightens them.

    3. Henry Bowman says:

      This is the inevitable result of three decades of “just give the robber what he wants.” Problem is, you can never be sure ahead of time whether he will be satisfied with just your money, or your virtue, or your life.

  8. Who robs a Starbucks ? Everyone uses a credit card ?

    1. Dan Braden says:

      Who robs a Starbucks when everyone uses credit cards?

      Someone stupid enough to go into crime when there’s plenty of legitimate work to make money. Unless of course that means you’ll lose your welfare and free time.

  9. Fresno – The armpit of Kalifornia…

    1. Jerry Walton says:

      If Fresno is the armpit, San Francisco is the butt hole.

  10. He brought a chair to a knife fight…. but illegals have stolen guns from cops

  11. What? There are still men in CA that will stand up and fight back against the idiots. Oh wait, the man that stood up to the robber was 58….enough said. The Millennial man would have filmed the event with his camera and posted to facebook.

  12. Unfortunately, the robber survived.

  13. They don’t call it the wild, wild west for nothing.

  14. Maybe, just maybe California is not lost after all!

  15. Frank Rusoo says:

    When is the media (and everyone) going to stop saying “caught on tape” there is no such thing as “videotape” anymore,.the phrase should just be caught on “video” a security system such as this story is DVR (digital video recorder)

  16. Got your butt kicked by a 58 year old!!! aaaa haaaa!

  17. Lar Jam says:

    Starbucks should give that customer free coffee for life. If that gun was real he could’ve given his life for a company they would care more about the robber then their customers.

  18. Kim A Kirk says:

    Don’t get between me and my coffee!

  19. When seconds count, police are only minutes away. (THE best argument for concealed carry.)

  20. James Cygnus says:

    58 years old. Explains it. There’s not a drop of testosterone left in SF under the age of 35…

  21. Peter York says:

    metrosexual Eloi don’t know what to do. soon, democrats will have perverted the species.

  22. Don’t mess with Cregg before he’s had his coffee!!!

  23. tngilmer says:

    A good Republican beats a typical Democrat in San Francisco. Must be an eclipse coming.

  24. Give this man free coffee for life, and a medal for stabbing the guy. I love stories like these.

  25. I love, in the video, how the female employee continues to wipe the table.
    I wonder if the customer Cregg Jerri even got a “thank you” from Starbucks?
    Hell, I would have given him a lifetime Starbucks gift card on the spot.

  26. biglouie15 says:

    I’ll have what he is drinking. Talk about a caffeine/sugar buzz. Hope the customer doesn’t get sued by the robber as anything can happen in CaliEffedupfornia.

  27. Kurt Smith says:

    sadly, he’ll likely get sued now.

  28. J.T. Lewis says:

    The robber is going to sue the guy who threw a chair over his head. The robber said that his right to the pursuit of happiness of robbing individuals and businesses as an occupation were violated and demanded OSHA and Jerry Brown to investigate.

  29. tradergordo says:

    Is it actually wise (like the police at the end imply) to attack a guy with a knife and a gun using a chair? This seems like a good way to get killed. Did he know the gun was fake? Even if he did, not really smart (story said he got stabbed). If the perp is just a run of the mill thief and not actually physically harming anyone, its probably best to just call the cops, get his license plate if you can. If you had a weapon, that’s another story… it would have really been tragic if this “hero” dude was seriously injured or killed, for what? $100 stolen from a Starbucks register?

  30. Ray Randolph says:

    Jerri will be prosecuted by CA for raping the chair

  31. Glen Hoffing says:

    Starbucks needs sturdier chairs.