Al Gore Touts New Film About Climate Crisis In Bay Area Visit

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – Former Vice President Al Gore has doubled down on his campaign to solve the climate crisis, promoting his new film in a visit to the Bay Area.

Gore was at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco Monday night for a screening of “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power.”

When asked about President Donald Trump and the actions of his administration, Gore expressed his disapproval.

“Disappointed would be a mild way to put it. It’s really unfortunate that we have a president who’s trying to push in the wrong direction,” Gore told KPIX 5. “But the good news is, is that even after he made his views clear, the entire rest of the world redoubled their commitment to meet the terms of the Paris agreement. Some of them have even expanded their commitments.”

Gore is optimistic that the world is stepping up its fight against climate change despite Trump’s announcement that he is yanking the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accord.

The former vice president praised California in particular for filling the gap. State lawmakers approved an extension for Gov. Jerry Brown’s cap-and-trade program, which puts a limit on greenhouse gas emissions.

“Governor Jerry Brown is a hero and he followed up with legislation last week that was headlines all around the world, so we’re going to make progress work around Trump,” Gore said.

The film follows his 2006 film about global warming “An Inconvenient Truth,” which won the Oscar and won him the Nobel Peace Prize. Filmmakers followed him across the globe for two years and show real world examples of extreme weather events and devastation.

“One of the big new developments since the first movie came out a decade ago, is that a lot of the investments and initiatives in Silicon Valley are now bearing fruit,” Gore said. “Renewable energy from solar and wind is now cheaper in many regions, than electricity from coal. And the costs continues to come down, and soon it’ll be cheaper everywhere. That’s really a game changer.”

Gore also offered advice for people who want to help the climate crisis.

“Use your voice, use your vote, use your choices in life, be a part of the solution, be inconvenient,” he said.

“An Inconvenient Sequel” opens in Bay Area theatres on August 4th.

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