SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A new app that beckons users to “Own the Sky,” turns a blank skyline into a creative canvas for just about whatever comes to mind.

img 4245 Worlds First Sky Writing App Lets Users Post Messages In The Sky

(Skrite Labs Inc.)

It is called ‘Skrite,’ and it allows users to upload selfies, messages, photos, and drawings, and then share them directly to the sky.

According to its creators, Skrite is the first-ever application to combine augmented reality and social media. Unlike virtual reality which delivers a computer-generated (CG) simulation of a different environment or setting, augmented reality enhances the user’s existing reality through CG enhancements — graphics, images, or sensations.

Also, VR requires a controller (i.e. headset), AR only requires a mobile device — in this case, a smartphone, to create Skrites and post them on the sky above.

The apps creators call it “the Pokemon Go-meets-social-network we didn’t know we’ve been waiting for.” Graffiti without walls… the sky is the limit.

“We wanted to bring AR to the people,” says company CEO and co-founder Rishab Jain in a press release. “Casual users shouldn’t feel augmented reality is off-limits because it seems too complicated or inaccessible… it’s simple to use and is a fantastic way to explore the space around you.”

Users can share their Skrites on social networks and “like” other Skrites by sending a “bolt.” They can even be private, or hidden, to share only with a friend.

With Skrite, users can also explore the heavens by tilting their phone upwards. They can see other Skrites or teleport with people around the world and get a 360 degree view of faraway places.

img 4244 Worlds First Sky Writing App Lets Users Post Messages In The Sky

(Skrite Labs Inc.)

“Skrite lets you travel without leaving your home through augmented reality teleportation,” says Dr. Arshia Siddique, COO and co-founder of Skrite. “It allows you to experience the places you’ve always wanted to go from the perspective of other travelers, or even from locals who pass through it every day.”

For more information, go to or simply download the app on iTunes and start ‘skriting’ now. writer, producer Jan Mabry is also executive producer Bay Sunday, Black Renaissance and host of The Bronze Report. She lives in Northern California. Follow her on Twitter @janmabr.



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