VALLEJO (KPIX) — A popular swimming pool in Vallejo is shutting down after 68 years of summer fun.

Al that fun will be just a memory at the Vallejo Plunge soon. The local landmark has been open since 1949.

“I took swimming classes here when I was 10 – I took summer swimming classes,” says Vallejo resident Breah Wilson.

She was hoping her daughter would be able to learn to swim here, too.

The year round facility located across from Vallejo High School isn’t in need of just a little cosmetic TLC. It’s in need of major plumbing repairs under the pool deck.

“It’s very sad. It’s a huge bummer,” adds Evan Sousa.

Sousa used to lifeguard and teach swim lessons at the Vallejo Plunge.

“Last year — water was seeping up thru deck and the plumbing was going bad,” he remembers.

The cost to repair the pool: $1.5 to $2.5 million.

The school district owns the pool and currently there are no plans in the budget to fix it.

“With the Plunge closing it’s a continuous degradation of recreational opportunities for kids which is who loses out in the end,” says Recreation Supervisor Justin Saroyan.

Vallejo Plunge has been home to many Vallejo hall-of-famers, first-time swimmers and other athletes over the last seven decades.

Now Vallejo High School’s swim team and water polo team are like fish out water looking for new facilities to practice in.

“For the swim team it’s a huge benefit for them to play sports and possibly get scholarships but realistically swimming is a life skill.”

But this piece of Vallejo history may close for good if funds to fix it dry up.

Can it be saved?

“I think it can be saved — I’m always optimistic,” says Saroyan. “I think there is a way to always fix something.”