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As the Bay Area has one of the most competitive business marketplaces in the nation, local small business owners need to do everything they can to maximize employee productivity. One factor that has consistently been proven to improve productivity across all industries is good employee health.

Here are a few reasons why small business owners should focus on keeping their workforce as healthy as possible.

The Massive Cost of Lost Productivity

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, US industry incurs $225.8 billion in lost productivity every year. That’s more than American businesses lose to credit card fraud, shoplifting, robbery and internal shrinkcombined. It should be noted that the CDC’s figures include losses caused by employee absenteeism and presenteeism, which are attributed to employees that work through illness.

Another significant source of productivity loss is employee disengagement. According to a recent Gallup poll, employees who are dissatisfied with their jobs cost their employers between $450 and $550 billion a year. Given the significant financial benefits of having a healthy workforce, employers need to understand how they can optimize their employees’ well-being.

The Benefits of Health Insurance

According to a study conducted by MetLife, 81 percent of employees feel that having health benefits makes them more productive workers. The connection between health benefits and productivity makes sense, given that people who have access to medical care miss fewer workdays. In addition to being physically healthier, workers with health insurance are also more focused than their uninsured counterparts. The MetLife study found that because insured workers don’t have to worry about the financial burden of unexpected medical issues, they are better able to focus on their work.

Wellness Programs Increase Productivity

Workplace wellness programs also play an important role in cultivating a healthy workforce. In addition to having minimal cost, promoting healthy eating, weight loss, regular exercise, health screenings, and smoking cessation can have a meaningful impact on a company’s bottom line. One study conducted by researchers at Brigham Young University found a correlation between maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet and a higher level of job performance. Ultimately, for every dollar they invest in employee wellness, companies can expect a return on investment between $1.50 and $6.

Small business owners can further shore up employee productivity by offering discounted gym memberships and on-site workout areas. A study conducted by Leeds Metropolitan University found that workers who exercise regularly have better concentration, lower stress, enhanced time management skills, improved workplace interactions, and greater job satisfaction than those who do not.

Given how costly it is to employ an unhealthy workforce, it’s critical for small business owners to take an active role in keeping their employees healthy.



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