SACRAMENTO (KPIX 5) — A Berkeley teacher says assault charges against her should be dropped.

She was in court today for her role in a riot that broke out at the state capitol.

Yvette Felarca was caught on video punching a neo-Nazi demonstrator. But she says, standing up to fascism should not be a crime.

Outside the courtroom, a small crowd rallied in support of the Berkeley schoolteacher.

“What do we want? Drop the charges. When do we want it? Now,” they chanted.

The charges stem from a June 2016 fight at the state capitol.

Felarca’s group, By Any Means Necessary, was protesting against a white nationalist group.

A video shows Felarca repeatedly punching a man.

The man had both hands up, walking to a line of police officers for help.

Felarca and others dragged the man down and kicked him.

Prosecutors charged Felarca with one count of felony assault and two misdemeanor counts of inciting and participating in a riot.

Felarca is facing three charges and said, “These charges against me are false. They should be dropped.”

She gave a short statement, but did not answer any questions.

Felarca said, “Standing up against fascism and the rise of Nazism and fascism in this country is not a crime. We have the right to defend ourselves.”

Her attorney blames police for not stepping in earlier to keep the peace.

Felarca’s attorney Shanta Driver said, “I think anyone has the right to self-defense. I think what’s shown in that video is partial and incomplete.”

But some people who have seen the video say that’s nonsense.

Keith Campbell with Common Sense Conservative Media Group said, “Crazy…travesty of justice if they drop the charges.”

Felarca is scheduled to teach at her Berkeley Middle School at the end of the month.

The school legally cannot fire her unless she is convicted of a felony.

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    1. Where is the proof he is a Neo-Nazi? Because he is a white male supporting the US laws. She is a brown shirt piece of trash. CBS better be careful. Unless you can prove he has true Neo-Nazi ties and not the FAKE NEWS version of a Neo-Nazi, I smell a slander suit coming your way.

    2. Henry Samson says:

      She’s a crack. Send back on the boat.

  1. we support Yvette Ferlaca! Drop the charges!

    1. Henry Samson says:

      She belongs in a poultry processing center.

  2. She committed felony assault and should go to prison. Assault is assault and it was caught on film. Prosecute her and fire her.

  3. Whats a neo Nazi? These are just AntiWhite Terrorists!! She needs to go to Jail….

  4. That was not a ‘fight,’ it was a mob assault/beating. In a democratic society, nothing justifies such behavior.

  5. What dreadful reporting. You describe the victim of this mob assault on the terms of the attackers.

    Where is the evidence that he is a ‘Neo Nazi’? you can’t just demonise people in order to justify mob rule.

    Why are you taking sides?

    These are not the middle ages? Why are you bringing back witch hunting?

    I can’t believe the ‘here be dragons’ style journalism of this newspaper. Do you want me make yourselves a laughing stock for future generations?

    The video shows a man being attacked by a mob. He’s not threatening anyone.

  6. Nazis deserve to be punched repeatedly.

    1. Henry Samson says:

      …after we punch all the Communists. (They’ve killed far more people, after all).

  7. Tim Milke says:

    when there is anarchy rule of law does not exist….she could have been shot by a CCC holder… she is a violent, mentally emotionally and unstable person

  8. The Grand Irony is that she doesn’t see that she and her ilk are the same as the Neo-Nazis. Different names, same story.

  9. The neo-nazi this tiny girl is “attacking” with her bare hands is holding a long wooden club.

    1. Henry Samson says:

      Which makes zero difference. She belongs in a cage…with really bad, ethno-insensitive food. I hope they put up a webcam of her cell.

  10. Todd Aldrich says:

    The group she is a member of – By Any Means Necessary – live up to their name again- they are willing to lie, cheat, commit violent acts . They are committed to implementing a socialist state- By ANY Means Necessary.

    They are violent fascists who label EVERYONE who dares disagree with them as nazis in order to justify THEIR fascists tactics.

  11. Tom Vu says:

    If your stupid enough to assault someone on camera, you deserve what you get.

  12. joed68 says:

    I sincerely hope she does hard time. She is the real nazi.

    1. joed68 says:

      So sick of leftist nut-cases.

  13. I’m so happy this piece of trash was caught on video committing felony assault. People gonna learn that they don’t get to assault people they disagree with.

  14. She is a local leader of her cult. Her name comes up often in the Survivors of BAMN group. Look at the dates of some of their stories they were before BAMN was in the news.

  15. As usual, it is the Fascist pigs calling the other fascist and Nazi. They don’t even know what Nazi National Socialist is. These BLM, Antifa types are nothing more that Italian Black shirts/ German Brown Shirts with mainstream media carrying their water covering for them, just like Nazi Germany. She and all the others who attacked the guy should go to jail for min. 5 years.

  16. Americans fought a world war against Nazism and there are Americans here defending it?

    1. Henry Samson says:

      No. Moron Lefty Communists label EVERYTHING Nazism, because they are Moron Lefty Communists.

  17. First thing they teach you in teacher school is don’t touch or hit anybody, only in self defense. Second thing, don’t get arrested for anything. You can hold and participate in political events, but don’t punch anybody. Ms. Felarca needs a time-out-from teaching for a while.

  18. Lance Egan says:

    Maybe when she hits the prison yard she will meet some real nazis that would like to speak to her. This will be her chance to stand up for what she believes in. I’m sure she will be able to hold her own considering the “musle” she will have in prison.
    Most Communist don’t get it we don’t want them here anymore than nazis or neo socialist. BAMN your days are numbered.

  19. Dave Tibet says:

    She is seen very clearly punching the guy in the stomach and no matter how much you might hate what someone is saying you do not have the right to lay your hands on them and she is very clearly the aggressor in this just look at the video it is very clear she is the aggressor!

  20. Tom Fuller says:

    Ah, liberal love, tolerance and open-mindedness to divergent views. Don’t you love it?