SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Legendary hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest on Tuesday apologized to fans after canceling its scheduled performance at the Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco not once but twice over the past weekend.

During the opening day of the festival Friday, promoters announced the group couldn’t make its scheduled set due to travel issues flying from Denver and would instead play Saturday evening.

However, on Saturday Tribe was a no-show again, with their set being cancelled less than an hour before it was scheduled to happen.

Sign posted announcing Tribe Called Quest cancellation. (Dave Pehling)

The cancellation left many fans disappointed after buying festival tickets specifically to see the group.

On Tuesday, the group published an open letter of apology on the Los Angeles Times website. The letter explained that it was last year’s death of fellow member Malik “Phife Dawg” Taylor prevented them from performing.

The letter noted that members of the group were overcome with feelings of grief after finishing their performance in Denver on Thursday night.

“That Friday morning upon traveling to San Francisco, a wave of grief was still on us and in that moment we could not see the ‘on’ to go on to,” the letter read. “Eventually though in face of loss you find that glimmer of light to bring you to your center and you find the ‘on.'”

The letter went on to say, “We wanted to play for you and we wanted to honor Phife’s wife in their hometown. Unfortunately, everything did not come together before the closing curfew. For that, we are deeply sorry.”

The letter did hint at the possibility that the group was “looking for ways” to make up for the cancellation.

“We look to correct this and regain your confidence,” the letter read. “Actually, let us restate that — we will correct this and regain your confidence.”

The letter also offered thanks to promoter and festival organizer Another Planet Entertainment, saying, “They put together an incredible event that was enjoyed by many despite the fact that we were unable to add to that joy. We want to express our appreciation for their efforts and encourage our fans to continue to support them.”