By Phil Matier

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — San Francisco city leaders are looking to lessons from protests in Boston as they brace for a rally by a far-right group on Saturday by bringing in the entire police force in to work that day.

Portland-based Patriot Prayer, described as an “alt-right” group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, has dubbed its event “Free Speech, Unity and Peace San Francisco,” billing it as “a day of freedom, spirituality, unity, peace, and patriotism!”

“Every available officer is expected to be working on Saturday,” said San Francisco Police Sgt. Michael Andraychak. “So no discretionary time off and days off have been canceled.”

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San Francisco has pretty much given up on the National Park Service denying the Patriot Prayer group a permit, out of fear of violence.

“They probably can’t deny it,” said Rory Little, a professor at the University of California Hastings College of the Law. “There is a First Amendment right to assemble and a First Amendment right to speak.”

Now the focus is on working with the National Park Service to prevent the clashes over free speech similar to what happened during a recent Patriot Prayer rally in Seattle.

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“Police Chief [William] Scott is meeting at least twice a day now and [park service officials] seem to be depending on our police force being the security for the entire event,” said Mayor Ed Lee

Lee is hoping to use some of the lessons learned in Boston over the weekend where a heavy police presence and fences were set up to keep free speech advocates and counter demonstrators apart. “Boston prepared very well,” he said.

“You can impose some pretty stringent conditions such as no backpacks, no weapons — not just firearms — no baseball bats no clubs, no knives,” said Little.

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Sgt. Andraychak would not detail the police plans for the dueling protests. “I’m not going to be able to comment specifically on what tactics may be used this weekend,” he said.

Lee had a message for those who oppose groups like Patriot Prayer. “We will be doing an alternative rally Saturday here at Civic Center,” Lee said. He is urging people to stay away from the event at Crissy Field.

Meanwhile, city leaders in Berkeley hope to prevent violence at a rally that anti-Marxists are planning for Sunday.

Rival demonstrators have fought several times this year in Berkeley, including clashes in April.

Now, the Berkeley City Council has empowered the city manager to issue a one-day ban on weapons like sticks and knives.

It covers protesters who move onto streets and sidewalks, where police usually have less authority than at a city park.

Comments (82)
  1. Since when is offering prayer and being a patriot looked upon as being racist?

    Media: Stop inciting the violence and creating the narrative that both prayer and patriotism are racist.

    America: Wake up! The media is dictating what you should think. Hollywood has rotted the mind and soul of every human being to the point that humanity cannot even pray collectively for their country.

    Get off the social media and THINK!

    1. Walt Pryor says:

      The Protestors in Boston did not start the violence, Antifa did just as it has for years. Yet the Left Wing Democrat News Media always blames the peaceful people.

      It is always true that the Left Communist/Nazis start the violence. It is never the Right.

      This is a tactic used by Islam and ISIS. Terrorize the Police and Authorities. Bring violence to all demonstrations even if peaceful.
      Why? Because you know the Cowardly Delusional World Communist Media will always blame the peaceful demonstrators.

  2. Break out the tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons.

  3. When did patriot and prayer become far right?

    Here is another thing to add to the can’t have at protests — how about no wearing of masks?!?!??!!!

    The Patriot Prayer group does not espouse white nationalism nor does it support violence. Sometimes they may attract elements that don’t support the same ideals (Supremacists) but the same can be said about some people who show up at white nationalism rallies are not as peaceful (Antifa) as the organizing group.

    In all my 65 years on this earth there have been the White Supremacists groups. They have always marched. But like bees, if you don’t swat at them they go back to their nest, their holes, etc. Why all of the sudden are we swatting at bees? If anything all this publicity will bring the people sitting on the edge into joining forces with them.

    Things haven’t changed much since they sang this song.

    Cause summer’s here and the time is right for fighting in the street, boy
    But what can a poor boy do
    Except to sing for a rock ‘n’ roll band
    Cause in sleepy London town
    There’s just no place for a street fighting man

    Hey! Said my name is called disturbance
    I’ll shout and scream, I’ll kill the king, I’ll rail at all his servants
    Well, what can a poor boy do
    Except to sing for a rock ‘n’ roll band
    Cause in sleepy London town
    There’s no place for a street fighting man

  4. Can’t edit. My sentenance above was not clear.

    “Sometimes they may attract elements that don’t support the same ideals (Supremacists) but the same can be said about some people who show up at white nationalism rallies are not as peaceful (Antifa) as the organizing group.”

    It should read, the same can be said about some protesters (Antifa) who show up at white nationalism rallies are not as peaceful as the organizing anti-nazi protesting group.”

  5. Isn’t alt-Left Fascism evil? Calling anyone/anything racist or white nationalism…

    Civil War is nigh.

    Arm yourselves and get ready.

  6. Greg Galpin says:

    There will only be violence if the police let the anarchist antifa in – and as usual, it won’t be the right wing that starts it.

    1. Greg, it’s true that if there is violence, it won’t be the right wing that starts it. However, you can expect it to be reported in the MSM that those evil, horrible, alt-right extremists viciously threw their bodies into the paths of the peaceful, tolerant, diverse, rocks and bottles thrown by the gentle loving antifa counter-protesters.

  7. John Mirande says:

    Haha…Ed Lee his ancestors are cursing him as we speak………………….Sanctuary Ed has “progressed” SF so far people are defecating on the streets…

    His children must hate him for his passivity……………..

  8. 40 thousand lawbreakers verbally and physically intimidated a few dozen law-abiding citizens who had coordinated with public land managers to hold a peaceful assembly. I thought mobs intimidating minorities was always evil and unlawful, yet only 33 people were arrested. Wrong. Evil at work.

  9. Tina Rowfast says:

    Read this on Drudge? I saw it at

  10. Joe Boltonn says:

    There’s no excuse for Not arresting someone at a public rally, if they’re carrying a weapon or anything likely to be used as one. Brandishing a Louisville Slugger is not free speech.

    1. No, brandishing a Louisville Slugger is not free speech. It’s also not a crime. Unless it’s used to commit battery, having a bat in hand isn’t illegal. Stop trying to equate two things you don’t know anything about. Besides, this is a Patriot Prayer rally. People who use prayer aren’t typically the violent type. If anyone is carrying bats, it will more likely be coming from Antifa, BLM or similar left-leaning hate groups. Nearly every protest in the last 3 years bears this out.

  11. Work or stand around and watch?

  12. Ron Miller says:

    If the Leftists stay away there will be Zero problems. The SFPD should arrest anyone from either side wearing a mask.

    1. Agreed, It seems police around the country allow the left and ANTIFA get away with ALOT. Few arrests verse the amount of crime they cause. Here is a novel idea for the police, ARREST the people who commit crimes. DO YOUR JOB. Its not ok to assault people. Its not ok to throw bricks thru windows or light cars on fire. Its not ok to loot. Unless of course your BLM or ANTIFA, then its OK. Take the politics out of law enforcement. Arrest police commissioners who order stand down as they did in Berkley and Baltimore. Remove them from office. Our society exists because law and order and following the laws. Enforce them.

  13. Stay away from Crissy field. You know the ANTIFA will try to block the bridge access. Personally I have to go to Marin so I’ll be bringing my .40 a hatchet, a tazer, and pepper spray. May my axe be bright with the blood of commies by days end.

  14. Here is a thought, if you don’t like what is being said, ignore it and stay home. If it is not reported on, not attended, it doesn’t really matter. Alt-left or Alt-right, everyone HAS the right to say what they wish, you are in complete control of if you wish to listen to it. You DO NOT have the right to assault, physically or verbally, people you don’t agree with. We all seem to forget what we learned in kindergarten.

  15. No “weapons,” but Leftist/Marxists can bring bags of feces and urine to throw; we’re fine with that.

  16. Rico Soiree says:

    This is the way to destroy the Alt-Left: keep showing up in liberal cities with peaceful, patriotic protests. Those venues will bankrupt themselves paying for police details to deal with the violent, Democratic, anti-American loons like antifa-BAMN-SJWs-feminists-Black Bloc.

  17. So what will the lib media ‘MESSAGING’ be regarding this conservative rally? There’s got to be a way to make VILLAINS out of praying Americans.

  18. Paul Trott says:

    The progressive left have finally gone insane with intolerance. Don’t blame Republicans, the Democrat party has killed itself.

  19. Thomas Flynn says:

    Patriots will be denied weapons. Counter protesters can have all they want.

  20. Jeffrey Gee says:

    Oh no, more white supremacist, evidently this time praying to God. They better send in some CIA goons with Swastika flags and Antifa/BLM to stir the pot!

  21. Kerwin Hieb says:

    I’m wondering if the Mayor will issue a “stand-down” order to the Police in order to give Antifa free rein to act like animals? The MSM has already made it clear that the folks on the right are to blame and the sheep are more than willing to believe them! It’s gonna be a mess…

  22. Dale Warren says:

    It appears to me that the radical, hard Left, anti-American, socialist, Progressive Democrat antifas are pushing to be recognized officially as the only supremacist, moral, approved, violent, bloodthirsty, rioting socialists who should be allowed to hide behind masks, incite violence, shed blood, destroy property, and riot. They’ve even enlisted the biased fake discredited SPLC to legitimize their anarchy and label prayer and patriotism “far right, alt right, white supremacist, and undesirable.”
    “Beam me up, Scotty,” “there’s no intelligent life down here.”

  23. SPLC? A bunch of liars and crooks. It’s disgusting that they get a shred of respect.

  24. Darren Davis says:

    “Every available officer is expected to work, no discretionary time off” does not mean the entire force. It means don’t call in sick or take the day off. There is now way the entire 2100 member police force will be on duty during the ANTIFA / BLM riot. Get your headlines right.

  25. Individual liberty, limited government, and inalienable Natural Rights. These are simple conservative principles that can’t be confused with fascists (NAZI kooks) or communists (BLM kooks).

  26. chrismireya says:

    The Southern Poverty Law Center IS a vicious hate group. They actively hate anyone or any group that doesn’t bend over to their sociopolitical demands.

  27. Southern Poverty Law Center is a leftist, liberal organization dedicated to painting the right as racist, hate mongerers. Ignore anything they say as it’s 100% biased.

  28. Conservatives are not the same as what the Fake News Media now call the “Right” or “Alt-Right.” And unless Soros pays the Left to confront them, Conservatives will remain peaceful. Charlottesville was contrived to appear to be out-of-control Right-wingers, described as “white supremacists,” whom everyone said were Trump supporters; they were NOT. It was an astroturfed orchestration by Dems and they will be found to have paid ALL the imported violent groups.

  29. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mayor gives a stand-down order, in order to give Antifa a free hand.

  30. Jim Morrison says:

    Will Hillary and Soros’s Antifa show up to throw bottle of urine on Law Enforcement like they did in Charlottesville and Boston?

  31. Perry Bonney says:

    “Portland-based Patriot Prayer, described as an “alt-right” group by the Southern Poverty Law Center….” – Article

    Yeah. Take what the hate-group SPLC says as gospel. That’s always a great idea. >sarc<

  32. A second video loaded showing the San Jose police chief coming together in unity against hate, “we can’t just sit by and allow hate to happen.” Like you sat back and allowed people merely attending a Trump speech in San Jose to get beat up by ANTIFA and BLM protesters? Your La Raza uniform is showing under your badge chief…