PIEDMONT (KPIX)– The embattled former mayor of Piedmont is back in the hot seat, this time over a vulgar rant about vaginas and Hilary Clinton he allegedly made in an online forum.

Jeff Wieler resigned from his post as mayor in Piedmont over the weekend because of a series of controversial Facebook posts, but he’s still on the City Council. Now, vulgar new posts have surfaced and some are calling for him to leave City Council, as well.

On July 17, 2017, someone posting as Jeffrey Wieler, an elected official in California wrote a rant on the website Quora about Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president saying,

“Having a vagina is not a vision that inspires. Before some feminist harpy objects to the last sentence, I want to say, I dearly love vaginas.”

“Mr. Wieler’s vagina monologues take the cake,” says Piedmont city council member Teddy Gray King.

She calls it yet another tone deaf social media post by the former mayor.

“I am offended on behalf of voters in this town,” says Gray-King. “I am offended on behalf of all the girls in this town.”

Wieler’s resignation came days after Piedmont residents stormed a City Council meeting and read some of his postings aloud: “Black lives matter encourages cop killing… the left is dangerous and unamerican… transgenders are mentally ill.”

Piedmont resident Conna McCarthy says Wieler must go.

“[He] absolutely has to step down from council,” says McCarthy.

Tonight council member Gray King stopped short of calling for Wieler to leave City Council but she says her constituents are standing firm.

“There are probably 50 people who’ve contacted me today to let me know that there will be a recall effort,” she says.

Mr. Wieler did not return calls from KPIX on Monday. He has apologized for inflammatory or insulting remarks.

Meantime, Piedmont City Council meets next week.