SANTA CRUZ (KPIX 5) — A Santa Cruz restaurant is shut down for what the owner is calling “political terrorism.”

Some employees and patrons boycotted the Chinese restaurant, after public records obtained by Indybay revealed restaurant owner Roger Grigsby gave $500 to David Duke’s campaign last year.

Duke ran for a US Senate seat in Louisiana and lost. He is an avowed white nationalist, anti-Semite and former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan.

Now, after 38 years in business, Grigsby’s restaurant, O’Mei on Mission Street is closed.

There is a sign in the window telling patrons, “O’Mei has come under attack. Slanderous and malicious Internet rumors concerning this business, it’s owner, and staff have forced us to close for now.”

Grigsby sent KPIX 5 an e-mail, saying, in part:

We are just a token in a much larger process of terrorizing white European Americans into silence in what has come to be known as the “war on whites.” My campaign contribution was to one of the men supporting European American civil rights.

It is unclear if or when the restaurant will reopen.

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  1. Destroy the haters, show no mercy to anyone you don’t like. That’s the way of peace.

    1. Jared Lee says:

      Don’t be such a snowflake. Boycotting a business is perfectly non violent means of protest. Such as when conservatives urged a boycott of Target.

    2. Gor Mar says:

      Awww, boo-hoo. See a veterinarian about that butt-hurt and take your snowflaKKKe Grigsby with you.

  2. Wait so a white guy owns a ethnic resurant, probably has no white workers & he gets upset he was outed for supporting Duke a known KKK Grand Wizard…..yep makes perfect sense. You don’t care for ethnics but have no problem making money off them.

  3. Good! I’m glad that racist was exposed!!! I hope he never tries to open anything else in this County!!!

  4. Grigsby’s email to KPIX makes it clear that he is an unrepentant racist. I don’t live in Santa Cruz, but if I did, I would choose not to patronize his restaurant. That’s not “terrorism.” It’s simply exercising my own right of free speech and association. I am a white “European American” myself, and I choose not to patronize racists. If Grigsby finds that “terrorizing,” then he must be very easily terrorized.

    1. I do live in Santa Cruz & believe me, he will be run out of town.

  5. One more racist bigot down the toilet and the rest of the Trump supporters to go! We must keep our vigil and boycott all businesses that support the racist bigot Trump Administration.

  6. Floyd Wilson says:

    If he loves white European culture why doesn’t he move to Europe? Even more intriguing, why own a Chinese resturant if you only support white European culture? He spounds like a typical SJW snowflake.

  7. More proof, as if any was needed, that sunlight is truly the best disinfectant. Justice Brandeis was indeed a wise man

  8. So according to Grigsby, by not eating at his restaurant I’m committing an act of terrorism against him? I don’t think he knows what the definition of terrorism is. Looking at the history of the KKK should give him a good idea of what terrorism is.

  9. In my best George Takai voice I say “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyy!”

  10. I’d be afraid to eat at his restaurant. Why Chinese food? Why live in Santa Cruz? California is a hotbed of white supremacist communities. He’s in the wrong spot.

  11. Guy Chapman says:

    OK, so his response admits that he gave money to a white supremacist and that the business is now being “targeted” by a group of people viciously not buying his product. My heart bleeds. Oh, also? White supremacism and Chinese food are not obvious companions.Seriously, people who have cosmopolitan taste in food are probably the most likely to react badly to a business funding neo-Nazis. You might want to think this through next time.

  12. Is it too late to order some Sweet and Sour Chicken to be delivered? What do you mean they don’t deliver?

  13. This is so disappointing. O’mei was actually a damn good restaurant. I loved going there. Heartbreaking to find out the owner has such messed up views.

  14. John Lunt says:

    Amazing…….this bigot (and his pals) think they’re the victims for their racist/Nazi views? As if that were ever patriotic?? Shame on him. I do feel for his employees that may have to work there to eke out a living. For the owner…..he’s unlikely to change his ignorant racist views so too bad for him.

  15. Bruce Hunter says:

    Boycotts are appropriate and this jerk is NOT a victim as he would like you to believe. Grigsby deserves to be bankrupted for his hate funding.Stamping out racism benefits our society.

  16. Grigsby’s comments are reason enough to boycott. they are perfectly in like with supporting a racist creep like Duke. Sorry about his employees.

  17. Grigsby doesn’t seem to understand he’s a racist if he thinks his statement is acceptable. He has further supported the reasons for the boycott and the shutdown. I’m hoping the boycott is successful.

  18. Pat Kittle says:

    “White privilege” means we can’t defend White people’s rights without being slandered, mocked, threatened, & violently attacked.

    Few of the people who hate David Duke know any more about him that what the anti-White media have always told us.

    That happens to be the very same media (PBS, Fox News, MSNBC, CBS, CNN, Newsweek, Time, etc., etc.) that keep pushing us into Mideastern wars, causing untold horror for brown Muslims & Christians. Wars the Israel lobby insists we fight.

    I don’t agree with Duke about everything, but he opposes all these criminal Mideastern wars before it was cool to do so. That makes him a hell of a lot more decent that the war criminals running our media.