VALLEJO (CBS SF) — Police in Vallejo on Friday are searching for a man who broke into a Baskin Robbins ice cream store earlier this week and walked out with an armful of ice cream cakes.

The owners of the store released surveillance video that appears to show the burglar in the act.

The break-in happened Wednesday night when the store was closed. The surveillance video showing the glass side door to the store being smashed before a man without a shirt walks into the empty shop.

He disappears from view, but then comes back with what appears to several ice cream cakes before leaving through.

The store owner also posted photos on Facebook that showed the extensive damage the robbery suspect left behind. The glass front door, the glass door to one of the freezer units and the protective glass at the front of the sundae-making station were all shattered during the robbery.

Baskin Robbins in Vallejo damaged during robbery (Baskin Robbins Vallejo)

In the post, the owner Desiree Brooks said that the store planned to stay open despite the damage.

“And they took a rock and threw it through the side door. Threw it so hard that it smashed through the side door and through the sundae station and and made a hole in the back wall,” Brooks explained to KPIX 5. “They came in, tore apart the cake freezer doors, grabbed as many cakes as they could, and then just walked right on out.”

The owner said she has had problems before, including an armed robbery in March.

She also said police have not done much.

“It is incredibly frustrating! It hurts, because this is a family place and I don’t like this reputation of somebody coming and doing this,” said Brooks. “Because they should feel safe. This should be a sanctuary for families, not a place like, ‘Oh my gosh! Look what happened now!”

The owner now plans to increase the number of surveillance cameras in the store. She is hopeful the release of the video might help lead police to the suspect.


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