ALAMEDA POINT (CBS SF) — More than 24 hours after those in the Alameda Point neighborhood were warned against drinking, bathing or touching their tap water, officials say bodily contact with the water is not hazardous.

At 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Alameda’s Public Works Department lifted an advisory urging people to avoid contact with the water.

People in the area should continue to not drink the water, city officials said.

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City officials and East Bay Municipal Utility District removed the source of non-drinking water at Alameda Point on Wednesday, which they said was “attributable to an existing irrigation well.”

Residents said the water had smelled and tasted different.

Officials say irrigation water may have gotten into the drinking water supply because of an equipment failure.

They have also flushed the system with East Bay Municipal Utility District water and are urging residents and businesses to let their water faucets run for 10 minutes prior to using the water for bathing or showering.

People should not drink, cook or in anyway consume the water, officials said on Wednesday night.

The water can still be used for toilet flushing.

The city said 268 residents and more than 60 businesses are affected by the water quality issue.

At about 7 p.m. on Tuesday night, the East Bay Municipal Utility District issued a warning urging folks: “Do not drink water from faucets” in Alameda Point.

Only people in the Alameda Point area, not the entirety of the island of Alameda, are being urged not to drink the water.

The water quality issue is due to the non-East Bay Municipal Utility District infrastructure in Alameda Point, city officials said.

People in the Alameda Point neighborhood can pick up bottled water 24 hours a day at the Alameda Point Collaborative office at 677 W. Ranger Avenue, Alameda.

Showers with non-Alameda Point water can also be taken at the Alameda Fire Department Training Facility at 431 Stardust Place, Alameda.

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