SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF & AP) — A 25-year-old Redwood City woman was being held on $11 million bail Wednesday after being charged with trying to kill her newborn son by flushing him down a fast-food restaurant’s toilet.

The San Mateo County district attorney said that 25-year-old Sarah Lockner has been charged with attempted murder and remained in custody in the San Mateo County jail.

sarah lockner redwood city police photo

Sarah Lockner (Redwood City Police Dept.)

Prosecutors said Lochner went to work Sept. 4 at a Redwood City McDonald’s complaining of stomach pains and visited the bathroom numerous times.

A concerned co-worker discovered a large amount of blood on the bathroom floor and peered over the stall to check on Lockner.

The co-worker told investigators she saw a baby face down in the toilet bowl and Lockner pushing on his back while flushing the toilet.

Her infant son had no pulse and was not breathing. He was rushed to a local hospital and revived. However, prosecutors said the baby’s neurological prognosis was still unknown.

Prosecutors said Lockner has told them she did not know she was pregnant.