LAKE TAHOE (CBS13) — A waterspout touched down on the waters of Lake Tahoe Wednesday afternoon according to weather officials, but there are no immediate reports of damage.

Sacramento CBS affiliate CBS13 reported that the storm that generated the waterspout rolled across the lake around 4 p.m. on Wednesday, prompting a severe thunderstorm warning, then a tornado warning.

The National Weather Service has confirmed the waterspout touched down on the lake.

There were a number of reports of the waterspout on social media that included photos.

Funnel cloud over Lake Tahoe 🙀#tahoe

A post shared by Cathy E (@flyinshoez) on

A waterspout is a tornado that touches down over water. In this case, the waterspout did not reach land.

A tornado warning was issued by the Reno branch of the National Weather Service after the funnel cloud was spotted.

The warning expired at 4:45 p.m. There was no immediate word if there were any additional funnel clouds spotted in the region, but severe thunderstorms were expected to continue in the area of Washoe Valley and Carson City, according to weather officials.


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