SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A vocal group of undocumented youths and their supporters drowned out House Minority Nancy Pelosi Monday at a news conference where she was calling for the immediate passage of the DREAM Act.

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The event began calmly with a smiling Pelosi at the podium surrounded by Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Congressman Jared Huffman, community leaders and other Dreamers.

Pelosi began her speech, calling dreamers courageous.

“Our nation’s dreamers are an inspiration to all of us,” she said. “With their courage and their patriotism. They embody the promise of America… of the American Dream… Make America dream again,” Pelosi said to applause from the partisan crowd.

But then a group stormed in chanting, carrying a large banner and individual signs. “We undocumented youth demand a clean bill … We undocumented youth demand that you do not sell out our community and our values …We undocumented youth will not be a bargaining chip for Trump.”

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Many of the demonstrators carried signs reading “Democrats are Deporters.”

Pelosi unsuccessfully attempted to calm down the chanting students.

“You’ve had your say, and it’s beautiful music to our ears,” Pelosi said. But when they interrupted again, she shouted “Just stop it now!”

Moments later, she was forced to leave the news conference.

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Meanwhile in San Francisco federal court, six immigrants brought to the United States as children who became teachers, graduate students and a lawyer sued the Trump administration on over its decision to end a program shielding them from deportation.

The lawsuit filed in federal court in San Francisco alleges the move violated the constitutional rights of immigrants who lack legal status and provided information about themselves to the U.S. government so they could participate in the program.

“The consequences are potentially catastrophic,” said Jesse Gabriel, a lawyer for the plaintiffs. “These people can very powerfully and very clearly communicate the extent to which they organized their lives around this program.”

The lawsuit joins others filed over President Donald Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which has allowed nearly 800,000 immigrants to obtain work permits and deportation protection since 2012.

More than a dozen states from Maine to California have sued over the administration’s decision to phase out the program, alleging similar constitutional violations. So has the University of California system.

Gabriel said the impact of Trump’s decision directly weighed on his clients’ personal lives and decisions they made to advance their careers in this U.S.

He said Dulce Garcia is a 34-year-old lawyer in San Diego who came to the United States from Mexico when she was four years old. She recently signed a lease for an office and hired employees because she believed she could stay and work in the U.S. under the program, Gabriel said.

“Now, the government is totally pulling out the rug from under her,” he said.

The plaintiffs also include teachers, a medical student and a law student. They are from Mexico and Thailand.

Department of Justice spokesman Devin O’Malley blamed the Obama administration for starting the program and said the agency will defend Trump’s decision.

“It was the previous administration’s arbitrary circumvention of Congress that got us to this point,” he said. “The Department of Justice looks forward to defending this Administration’s position and restoring respect for the rule of law.”

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  1. Ron Hobson says:

    And so the Democrats learn they have created their own monster and it is growing beyond their control…

    1. They will be eaten by that monster like everyone else unless they hit the brakes on their own insanity.

  2. Russ Reecer says:

    they should just come up with enough $, American political favors are FOR SALE…everyone knows that…

  3. Laerton Mai says:

    Ingrates. They were always going to turn on us, Nancy. Deport.

  4. “a 34-year-old lawyer in San Diego who came to the United States from Mexico when she was four years old. She recently signed a lease for an office and hired employees because she believed she could stay and work in the U.S. under the program”

    Yet she didn’t bother becoming a U.S. Citizen. She does not sound very smart to me.

    1. Let’s see if we understand all this:
      Illegal Aliens with no rights as citizens are complaining and rioting that The United States owes them full citizenship rights and benefits?

      Then does this mean, That as American citizens that we are entitled to FREE education, housing, health care, a quality high-paying job, with no work to do, food stamps and a new car just because we are born and raised here?

      That’s what the illegal aliens believe.

      1. Lea Ashley says:

        They must be required to become citizens! REQUIRED! Period. Or deport.

  5. David James says:

    ICE needs to attend more Democrat news conferences.

  6. They (the leftist Dims) created this mess… they should have to suffer just like the rest of us.

  7. Jason Prate says:

    We, who have no business being here, demand you treat us as citizens, even though we arent. Our parents brought us here illegally, but somehow you are now responsible for their actios and I am entitled to all the rights of legal citizens.

    What the hell is wrong with this country that we would even begin to give legitimacy to these people.

  8. Thank you illegal aliens. You are assuring our Maximum Leader, Donald Trump, a 2nd term!

  9. You are owed nothing, I hope you and your illegal families get deported. You are not above the law

  10. So if Juan, an illegal mexican who snuck him and family into the USA, steals a nice American car from Joe, an american taxpaying citizen, and Juan gives the car to Wanda, his really cute illegal innocent, daughter, Wanda gets to keep it and Joe has to pay her costs. RIGHT. Is that what the Dreamers dream. To me it’s a nightmare. The debate should be how much they have to pay to stay. I think they and their parents should have to pay double taxes and have their and all future illegal generations (making the child of an illegal illegal no matter where born, just like mexico) death estates confiscated up to the entire amount they received in education, (elementary and in-state tuition) welfare, everything. To do less would be unamerican. But hey they don’t want to be american anyway, they just want to be mexicans with american passports mostly so they can collect even more benefits.

  11. John Day says:

    The POTUS I voted for said he would end daca. Now He’s not. POTUS has shown in the last few days his true moderate side. He said he would deport. NOW deliver. Deport.Deport.Deport.Deport.Deport.Deport.Deport.Deport

  12. No one seems to either know or care that the “DACA” never was an “act” and therefore not a law at all, in fact it originated with an unconstitutional executive order and was actually a violation of president Obama’s Oath of office. So the whole suing the trump administration is so ridiculous it isn’t funny. We have ILLEGALS suing our government over rescinding an unconstitutional executive order? The worst part is the courts are accepting these cases while ruling suits challenging the constitutionality of the application of the income tax laws frivolous…..time to re-read the declaration of independence.

  13. illegal lawbreakers and gang members making demands.

  14. These are people here ILLEGALY protesting because THEY broke the law and they all seem to have a right of entitlement to them…only thing missing was the usual waiving of the Mexican flag..Deport them..If I broke the law do I get away wioth it and then go FLAUNT it in the face of taxpayers?

  15. They have NO RIGHT to be here and Im tired of listening to them tell me they do

  16. Jim Kofron says:

    What the “normal” people on the left do not realize, is that the fringes of your party, the progressive left, will CONSUME you. Just like how the brown shirts were stomped upon by the Nazi party, in the “Night of the Long Knives”.You just don’t get it.

  17. You deserve every damned LOUD one of them, Nancy. You and all of your divisive, disloyal leftist trouser sniffers. Do let’s serve them ALL before our own citizens. Liberalism is a mental disorder … that sickens us all.

  18. What an affront my legal taxpaying wife and I. She is in process of naturalizing herself as an American citizen. You people should be put in jail. You HAVE NO RIGHTS.

  19. What an affront to my legal taxpaying wife and I. She is in process of naturalizing herself to become an American citizen. You people should be put in jail. You HAVE NO RIGHTS.

  20. Kelley Eidem says:

    Meanwhile, Kathleen Steinle was unable to attend this or any other event.

  21. Al Ibby says:

    Now that is what I call a TARGET RICH ENVIRONMENT!

  22. jbrickley says:

    “The lawsuit filed in federal court in San Francisco alleges the move violated the constitutional rights of immigrants who lack legal status and provided information about themselves to the U.S. government so they could participate in the program.”

    Constitutional rights for illegal aliens? Really? If anything Obama’s DACA Executive Order was unconstitutional and Trump did the right thing to invalidate it with time for Congress to act. It is the job of Congress to pass a law not the job of POTUS to give an order like a dictator. The ball is in the hands of Congress where it belongs. If they want to get angry and blame anyone, it should be Obama.

  23. As they left the building, I hope these illegal-alien criminal invaders were nabbed by ICE and deported. They have the right to demand NOTHING.

    Illegal aliens are NOT ‘immigrants’ – real immigrants respect our laws.

  24. I wonder if PeeLousy can be deported on the same bus as these illegal-alien criminal invaders?

  25. The Democrats are reaping what they sowed.

  26. Your lead paragraph has me wondering if House Minority Leader Pelosi is delusional, or if your reporter flunked high school civics. She held a news conference to call on the Trump administration to immediately pass the DREAM Act? Really? I thought passing legislation was in her lane? If Congress would get around to doing real work, and quit all this ignorant showboating, maybe there might be some legislation Trump could sign.

    1. I see you’ve changed your lead paragraph this morning. Must have had an editor that graduated high school finally read it….

  27. just love it the bay area whacko, just like in 2006 when she had an briefing on the iraq war and totally lost it, to incompetent to keep her job, and the bay area whackos, keep sending the loony toon back just love theses weirdafornia voters.and can you imagine the chaos if she gets the speaker ship back when the code pink folks shot her down? just love the bay area whackos.

  28. Jon Fast says:

    More of the same from the entitled ILLEGALS that never bothered to file to be an American citizen in all the time they had here. How utterly pathetic that they want to be given all the rights of citizenship with none of the legal ramifications required. Stupid is as stupid does.

  29. Phil Davison says:

    Haven’t you Californuts seceded yet?

  30. Karl Kolpin says:

    Why does this mess make me feel like barfing?

  31. Only a matter of time before they eat their own. Enjoy!

  32. “Ay ay ay … my pets are misbehaving…”

  33. Simple solution: go back to your home land and apply legally for entry into the US. Its what any other country would do with any American illegally trying to establish residency.

  34. Karl Kolpin says:

    I wonder who wrote the scripts they were reading

  35. If she doesn’t float, then they must burn the witch.

  36. Tom Thomason says:

    See Nancy! Liberals want things their way or else. Now you know how it feels. Goody goody.

  37. Dan Reynolds says:

    Love Trumps Hate. John 3:16. MAGA!

  38. I am against illegal immigration period. That is all I am against. What I really enjoyed about all of this is that Nancy has been playing lip service to these people, as well as her constituency and the rest of the nation, ALL, of whom she should be representing and it’s finally catching up with her. I wonder if legal immigrants and those born here could have gotten away with the same thing. Good on you Nancy, you finally, FINALLY, got served. And the fact that they wouldn’t let you speak at all is absolutely fantastic. We have ALL been speaking and you never hear unless it’s something you can personally profit from. Better get out of politics while you can because even those who once supported you, your constituency in SF, are now turning on you. Why? Because you simply run a dog and pony show and fill their ears with empty platitudes.

  39. So we’ve reached the point where a bunch of swarthy Illegals get to shout down a US Congresswoman?

  40. Gene Easley says:

    The dreamer will turn this county into a pile of garbage country like the garbage countries they came from. Blame the bad upbringing of the law breaking illegal parents that raised them to be lawbreakers.

  41. Clegg Jensen says:

    Sad to see those poor, criminal parasites stuck in the shadows ;-). Certainly, they deserve the right to vote on how big their welfare checks will be. Just not fair that we would deny them the same rights as actual, law-abiding citizens. Just because they are foreign invaders does not mean they should be denied the right to steal from us in perpetuity and have a say in how our country is run.

  42. John Crowley says:

    Wonderful to see them tear each other apart. Excellent.

  43. what the f is wrong with mexico or south of the border? go back to your country and protest go back and work go back and be honest…..GET THE F OUT YOU COWARDS

  44. The DACA thugs have been taught well. By their criminal parents. Deport them all.

  45. Shameful behavior, rude, obnoxious behavior will not get them what they want, which is a path that others did the right way, the old fashioned way. They earned it!

  46. Iowa Chapman says:

    selfish little spoiled brats.. send them back to their birth country, let them sort it out.

  47. dt60093 says:

    Let California become a sanctuary state. Then start a Federal program to give anyone who wants to move to CA a free one way bus ticket.

  48. Taj Mahali says:

    dreamers either you move on and live in the dream reality or if you decide to stay and live in this realm.suck it up..take your are not that gifted to time travel yet….

  49. David Haig says:

    Interesting how CBS finds a group of protesters in their 20’s and 30’s and decides to call them “teenagers”. Maybe they figure everyone in their audience is old as dirt and won’t be able to tell the difference.

  50. California went from a state with props to curb illegals to a state that coddles them in just 2 decades. You really wonder why they got this attitude of entitlement? You created this situation. I can live with the dreamers being legitimized being they aren’t at fault for their situation. Their parents..? Bye. Any other illegal who was not a minor should be gone. Also the illegals should face realities this is a compromise and that’s how a true government works.

  51. If we give these invaders one inch they will take a mile through chain migration and become a Democrat voter block It’s sad but true. If DACA happens there can be no possibility of citizenship, welfare or any other benefits of any sort. This crisis is entirely the fault of Obama and sick selfish Democrats. And they’d make every bit of lousy citizens as Democrats, screaming down others’ right to speech. Sick little puppies need to be gone.

  52. Jim Peel says:

    Dreamers are her worst nightmare.

  53. Nancy was furious that they got between her and a camera!! Won’t be long before they replace her with a latin.

  54. How is it that many people can rush the stage where shes at,, but no one gets tackled or pushed away? Hmmm…

    1. That wouldn’t have happened at a Trump rally. He’d have had the bums removed.

  55. Time to retire, Nancy.
    We need age and term limits in Washington.

  56. rytwinger says:

    Throw the net, deport ALL illegals. Exiling traitor liars like Piglosi would also be a positive move….

  57. hahahah love it keep on defending the illegals, too bad nobody punched her in the face.

  58. wilma200 says:

    Those are the oldest looking “teenagers” I have ever seen.

  59. All revolutions devour their own children. You asked for this Democrats. Enjoy it.

  60. bdnsc says:

    Heh, heh, heh…..What was it Rev Wright shouted out?

    Oh yeah! Their chickens have come home to roost! LMAO!

  61. Kim A Kirk says:

    I’d find this hilarious and poetic justice if it weren’t my country the democRats are destroying… so instead it’s a sad and disturbing entirely predictable result of allowing disrespectful lawbreakers remain unpunished.

    Strip all welfare and work privileges now!

  62. Mike Gartner says:

    AstroTurf! As staged as an episode of the Bachelor.

  63. Illegals are to citizens what shoplifters are to consumers

  64. where is a falling house when you need one???


  65. Fred Doe says:

    Exactly why were they all not arrested and deported immediately?!

  66. I thought these folks were “hiding in the shadows” for fear of being deported?

  67. There is nothing greedier, or more selfish than a border criminal and economic leach demanding to have their standard of living “maintained” by American truck drivers and waitresses.

  68. Shebe Wong says:

    Deportation squads now! Get out of our country you leeches! Go “dream” somewhere else.

  69. Jeffrey Gee says:

    LOL too bad they didn’t tear her limb from limb… Where is ICE at? Shouldn’t they be making some arrests and deportations???

  70. Filled with a false sense of entitlement illegal aliens demanding to be legalized. They have shown their true colors. Hateful and anti-American. The arrogance, shameless and callous behavior of these ungrateful lawbreakers do not earn any sympathy from me. They do not deserve amnesty or even to stay in this country. They can all go home and protest in their own country who neglected and exploited them. I do not care about their situation. They can go to Canada or anywhere else. They all need to go. Uncivilized people

  71. There is NO COUNTRY on this planet that allows children who migrate illegally to stay in the country, no matter how long they have been in that country illegally. None. Claiming that this is wrong, unjust, etc., I would ask..How? While I can empathize with those who were brought here as young children (emphasis on “young”), automatically making someone a citizen just because they are here is the epitome of stupid. Change the laws, make some hard decisions, and become citizens in hte way the law describes.

  72. Nancy looked genuinely rattled and afraid. That’s a good thing. I don’t think it will cause her behavior to change, but the optics are stunning. More more more Nancy! They want more!

  73. Democrats opened the border and promised all of these foreign nationals the world if only they come. It was also strongly suggested many would get Citizenship.
    Now i have watched this happen since Reagan made the first deal with the Dems back in the 80s’. Look what is happening now! Democrats in their desire to yet again use race to divide the nation is seeing the more radical of the groups they built turn on them. But it doesnt matter because the vast majority will get their Citizenship and vote Democrat-which was the plan all along.
    But these people will push into the Democrat cities where they aid is easier to get and soon all these new Citizens will learn the bitter lesson black Americans have learned….the “Dream” they were promised leads right into the Democrat city ghettos.

  74. Lea Ashley says:

    Bring in the ICE Vans and load em up