(KCBS/AP) — What many expected to be a typical Thursday night snoozer between a couple of teams lacking star power turned into quite a thriller.

With Jared Goff and Todd Gurley leading a resurgent Rams offense, Brian Hoyer sparking what had been a dormant San Francisco attack and a few late special teams blunders that almost produced an epic comeback, the 41-39 win for Los Angeles over the 49ers was exciting to watch and exhausting for those involved.

The defense was supposed to be the San Francisco 49ers’ strength, not the offense. But, Thursday night, it was the other way around.

“I mean, that just kind of shows the NFL,” John Madden said on KCBS Radio Friday morning. “Who would’ve thought, you know?”

“Low and behold, that was one of the best Thursday night games that I’ve ever seen,” said Madden.

  1. The stadium was 3/4 empty.

    Keep kneeling for the Anthem and keep on telling your fans what horrible people they are for opposing communism.

    NFL TV ratings are in death spiral, the stadiums are 80% empty, but the NFL still pushes left wing politics.

    I don’t go to football games to have someone’s politics pushed on me. As long as the NFL can’t keep its players’ (and its own) politics off the field, I won’t set foot in a stadium or watch that hate America circus on TV.

    The players are grossly overcompensated, the tickets are overpriced, parking is terrible, and I have to listen to someone’s politics on top of that? No, thank you!

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