Learn how hard work paved the way for this Woman in WineSponsored By Selby Winery

HEALDSBURGH (SPONSORED CONTENT) – Susie Selby shares how her father’s love of wine set the groundwork for her interest in winemaking, while her selfless determination & hard work paved the way for her success in the industry.


What You Didn’t Hear:

Susie Selby may be the best forlift driver in Sonoma County! “In order to manage a group of people, it’s important to have a key position. A unique key position that is not gender specifc is driving a forklift”. So she mastered it.

Susie loves to cook and this passion paved the way for her to explore a farm to table lifestyle and urban farming through three primary endeavous: Chickens, Olive Oil & Bees.

Chickens: The space at the winery is utilized as much as possible. The winery is home to three spoiled chickens, and a handful of Olive trees.

Olive Trees: Live on her property and througout Sonoma county. Susie loves making olive oil and curing olives.

Bees: Susie is the founder & owner of Healdsburgh Urban Bees, inhabiting over 120,000 Bees that feed on winery grapes & lavender… which makes for some delicous honey!

What You Need To See:

Susie’s geniune kindness & knowledge of wine won over Daniel Shanks, White House Assitant Usher (wine buyer for the White House). Mr. Shanks & has been supportive of her brand for over 15 years, during Bush & Obama’s Administrations. Selby Winery’s tasting room in downtown Healdsburgh is home to letters & menus directly from the White House.

With Selby Wines you’re drinking in good company… Susie has made wines for Robert Redford, Dan Marino and multiple Red Sox players, not to forget the aforementioned former Presidents too!

Tasting room in downtown Healdsburgh is the oldest in the square and is open every day of the year, except Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Selby Winery and KPIX have teamed up to showcase Women in Wine.
For more information on the winery, visit Selby Winery.
For more information on their wines and others, visit Vivino.

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