By Scott T. Sterling

(RADIO.COM) – Country star Meghan Linsey knew that taking a knee after performing the national anthem at an NFL game would court controversy.

She didn’t expect death threats.

In a new op-ed for the Washington Post, Linsey reveals that the aftermath of taking a knee after performing before the Tennessee Titans-Seattle Seahawks game on Sept. 24 has been extreme, to say the least.

“In the past few days, I have received death threats and had cancer wished upon me by the same people who claim to be great patriots,” she wrote. “I’ve had people say that they should have executed me on the field. People are threatening my life because the idea that someone who looks like me would act against racism upsets them so much.”

“The only way we can move forward as a nation is if we bring it all back to love,” the singer continued. “We have to live it and demonstrate it every day in our own lives — and we have to point out injustices every time we see them. I am praying for our country. I know that there has to be more love out there, and I pray that we find it and fast.”

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