Learn about her gratitude for winemaking and its legacy...Sponsored By Viader Vineyards

NAPA (SPONSORED CONTENT) – Delia Viader shares how her determination and patience has led her to become a wine mother, and the gratitude she has for winemaking and its legacy.

What You Didn’t Hear:

Delia Viader came to the United States from Argentina to pursue a postgraduate degree and doctorate degree in Philosophy, studying at MIT, UC Berkeley and UC Davis. Delia notes that her degrees are “not necessarily going to make the wine taste any better” but all of the education fed her thirst for knowledge and is a testament to her unrelenting hard work.

When she first started 35 years ago, Delia did not know much about wine making or growing but knew she would figure out whatever she needed to figure it out, and learn whatever she needed to learn in order to make it work. “Whatever I need to do, I will do. Maybe I am an eternal optimist, but it was a vision that was worth pursuing… and in an environment worth raising my children.”

As her first financial backer, Delia’s father categorized her dream as becoming a “farmer.” She had to consistently prove to her father, and herself, how her vision would become a reality.

She’s dedicated her life to something that she loves to do. The longevity of the business is due to her love for her work and the sound business plan she created for this vineyard.

What You Need To See:

Delia started in the industry in order to raise her family in the ideal setting. Her children were “brought up with nature, cognizant of the seasons and taking care of the land and this little piece of heaven in Napa Valley.”

Viader Vineyards is indeed a little piece of heaven, spread across 92 acres overlooking Napa Valley. The tasting room is available by reservation and is a must see in Napa Valley.

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For more information on the winery, visit Viader Vineyards.
For more information on their wines and others, visit Vivino.

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