FAIRFIELD (KPIX 5) — The massive Atlas Fire that started in Napa County started moving to the northern edge of Fairfield Wednesday afternoon, triggering new evacuations.

The Atlas Fire doubled in size overnight. By Wednesday afternoon, authorities were evacuating an area called Green Valley just north of Fairfield.

The fire was threatening homes and infrastructure. A home on Green Valley Lane is one of the first properties lost in the area, the natural gas lines still flowing.

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Crews set a controlled burn last night to clear out vegetation near the water treatment plant at the end of Green Valley Road.

Crews spent much of the day in the area, guarding a high value part of the infrastructure.

Fairfield police have issued a mandatory evacuation order along green valley road.

The area was eerily quiet Wednesday, empty except for a small army of firefighters who were patrolling for stray embers and spot fires.

One homeowner on Valley End Lane didn’t want to talk on camera, but had laid out firehose and was wetting down vegetation, preparing for a last stand.

Area resident Elaine Nicoletta is taking only the bare essentials, even leaving behind photos.

As the day turned to early evening, the area got considerably smokier with ash now raining down from the sky.

Deputies told Nicoletta to get out three times over the past few days.

When asked if she had made peace with possibly seeing her home for the last time, Nicoletta replied, “Sure. It doesn’t matter. The most important thing is your life and family and so. It is what it is. Once that fire comes through here, nothing can stop it.”

  1. Those looked like turkey vultures. I don’t believe we see California condors much north of the Pinnacles National Monument.

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