ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – A Santa Rosa couple who lost their home in the Wine Country wildfires has a new baby girl and — thanks to fortuitous circumstances — a set of clothes and toys for their new addition.

When the fires came to Santa Rosa, Ben Huggins and his wife Macy evacuated to Kaiser Roseville.

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Working in the ICU at Kaiser in Santa Rosa, Ben could smell the smoke.

“We were loading one patient up into the ambulance and I looked up and knew our neighborhood was on fire, so I knew we had lost our house,” Ben said.

Ben and Macy Huggins’ baby girl was due any day and, due to the wildfire, the Kaiser right by their house wasn’t an option for delivery.

“We needed to find a place to deliver this baby. SF, Vallejo – but we heard the air quality was bad. So we ended up coming up here,” Ben said.

At the Kaiser hospital in Roseville, Macy worried about what they would do when the baby was born.

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“We have nothing and we are bringing this baby into the world and lost all this stuff we had that was perfect for her,” Macy said.

After having the baby Saturday morning, Ben and Macy got a surprise gift when another couple having a baby at Kaiser Roseville received a major surprise of their own.

“They thought they were having a baby girl but they ended up having a boy – and the first thing the mom asked is there anyone who can use this baby girl stuff,” Ben said.

And so the Huggins family, who thought they had nothing for their new daughter, suddenly hadturn out have a lot more.

“It was a tragedy, but it’s brought so many people together,” Ben said.

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The Huggins’ were able to thank the couple who generously donated their toys and clothes.