OAKLAND (KPIX 5) — Animal rights activists were arrested Sunday when they stormed into a slaughterhouse in Oakland and took out live animals that were slated for slaughter.

The group — Direct Action Everywhere — rushed into the Saba slaughter house/butcher shop and began removing live animals from their cages.

Oakland police were called to the slaughterhouse and detained 22 demonstrators.

“When we walk inside this place, we can see that these animals feel pain just like us … They cry,” said Priya Sawhney of Direct Action Everywhere. “These birds when they are taken to slaughter, you can hear their screams.”

Activists said they took off with a quail, a rabbit and a lamb. The group said the animals were going to be taken to a veterinarian, but would not specify which one.

A family from Yemen runs the shop. They insisted they are following all the county codes about preparing food. In some cases, they are slaughtering live animals according to Muslim dietary law.

“My cousin, he called us,” said Tamim Aljhazali. “He says they came there to take sheep out. They want to free the animals, Like we are not in America! What is this? No respect for us? No respect for our business?”

Sawhney denied Sunday’s action was an attack on the business owner’s way of life.

“Absolutely not. Because we are, the activists who led this action, are from these communities. We strongly believe that our culture promotes compassion, not violence towards animals,” she said.

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  1. Kudos to KPIX 5 and reporter Joe Vazquez for covering this important story that addresses the key issues of our times. Animal agriculture is a leading contributor to global warming that is contributing to fires and hurricanes causing massive destruction. It is a leading contributor to heart disease, cancer and other human illnesses. It is a leading contributor to human world hunger because it’s an inefficient use of resources as animals eat more than they produce as meat. And, it’s causing unimaginable suffering. When will the rest of San Francisco’s news media join KPIX and do journalism on this crucial

  2. Thank you for covering this! I am always looking for some indication in the news that others are as concerned as I am about these issues. I must say, I cannot imagine from what I saw, that these activists ‘stormed’ the facility – but overall I thought the coverage, especially with the interviews was fair. I want to learn more.

  3. evelynavanti says:

    It’s a rare and wonderful thing to see mainstream media covering animal rights activism. It’s time that people open their eyes to the horrors behind their food choices, and open their hearts to the animals who mercilessly suffered and died for them. “Out of sight, out of mind” only allows the unspeakable horrors and brutality to continue. Animals feel pain and fear and love and want to live just like we do. They deserve compassion and freedom and peace just like we do. We have absolutely no need to consume their bodies or secretions. A lifetime of suffering and a brutal death for what? Our fleeting palate pleasure? Try looking an animal in the eyes and explaining that. Time for us to wake up and to evolve. If we can live healthy, happy lives without harming others (which we can!), why wouldn’t we? Kudos to DxE for their commitment, courage and compassion.

  4. Elaine Smart says:

    my thoughts are with you all the way from Belgium …..you are wonderful ….thank you for sharing what you are doing for animal rights

  5. John Zolis says:

    Journalist could have done a far better job with this piece from covering speciesism to “The barbaric practice of Halal” instead of glazing over it with “slaughtering live animals according to Muslim dietary law.” NO you mean that animals are having their throat cut and being left to bled out – Nothing but barbarism protected by abusive religious practices

  6. Georgie Song says:

    Really great to hear comments from UN-selfish people who cares about more than just oneself.
    And to the man from Yemen who has the live animal slaughtering business …YES, i HAVE NO RESPECT FOR YOU, NO RESPECT FOR YOUR BUSINESS, and get the hell out of USA, in fact, get the hell OFF THE EARTH !!!! Get on Elon Musk rocket and go to Mars with Bill Gates petri dish meat. Georgie, MS, ND, proud vegan of 33 years and it was for the farm animals.