Sponsored By Valley Transportation Authority

(SPONSORED CONTENT) – Beginning January 1, 2018, there will be reduced youth fares and new adult, senior and disabled fares on Valley Transportation Authority. All Community Bus fares will be discontinued as all Community Bus routes will become regular bus routes.

Payment for a single ride with Clipper will be valid for 2 hours of FREE transfers across VTA buses and light rail except express buses. You must tag your card every time you board, but you will not be charged for trips taken within 2 hours of your first tag. Using Clipper, instead of cash, will provide you this important benefit!

There will also be extended service and more frequent times as well as service improvements on select VTA buses and light rail routes.

For more information and to find out more about how these changes may affect you, please go to: www.vta.org/getting-around/fares2.

This is a sponsored article.



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