SANTA CLARA (KPIX 5) — Security at California’s Great America was beefed up Sunday evening, the night after as many as 100 teens got into fights and a number of cellphones stolen at the amusement park’s haunted house attraction.

The disturbances happened at Great America’s Halloween Haunt, the annual haunted house set up on the park for the holiday.

Park patron Noe Bracamontes posted video of the fight on Snapchat live Saturday evening. At first, two girls can be seen throwing punches. Then a zapping sound is heard.

Bracamontes is pretty sure it was a stun gun.

“We heard it and I was like, ‘Is that what I think it is?’ She just started like, Tasing the girl. Almost like stabbing her in a way,” said Bracamontes. “It was chaotic. It was hectic.”

Saturday night at Great America’s Halloween Haunt turned ugly after witnesses said groups of young teenagers crowded into the park and got into a series of fights for no apparent reason.

As one fight started between teens, other teens would swarm around to shoot video, which seemed to encourage more fights.

“Like, ‘Oh, he looked at me weird.’ Or ‘She’s looking at me weird,'” explained Bracamontes. “Somebody bumps into somebody. There’s a lot of people there. Some might take it as disrespectful.”

Police said as many as 100 young people were involved in the fights. Some customers sustained minor injuries. Others reported their cellphones were stolen.

Santa Clara police reported they made two arrests. One juvenile was taken into custody for theft, while another person was arrested for public intoxication.

A spokesman for Great America reported there was an incident that required police to be called and insisted the park did not evacuate or close early.

However, one employee told KPIX 5 off camera that once Santa Clara police officers arrived, they started ushering customers and some employees out of the park just after midnight, an hour before the parks scheduled 1 a.m. closing time Saturday evening.

Sunday night, Santa Clara police stepped up patrols in the area. But on Saturday, Bracamontes said the security guards were seriously outnumbered, so the ones he saw did little to intercede.

“They didn’t really do anything. I’m pretty sure they were overwhelmed,” said Bracamontes.

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  1. well, diversity is our strength. and strength is, clearly, in numbers.

  2. Ralph Davis says:

    Gee, anyone get a description of the perps? $5000 says every one of them were blacker than the ace of spades.

      1. Remember, Hillary called black Africa American youths superpredators”. One time I actually agree with her.

  3. Illegal aliens DACA dreamers and blacks. Deport these trash.

  4. Tung Mai Sak says:


    How many of you immediately thought Archie and Jughead? Yeah, didn’t think so.

    1. Don Stickney says:

      I was thinking it was Richie and ‘the Fonz’!

  5. simon91956 says:

    All is well in the People’s Republic of California. And somehow, as to the fight, Trump did it.

  6. Tim Be says:

    Duhbersity be are strengf yo.

  7. Ken Dixon says:

    “Teens”? Why is their age the only thing about these thugs worth reporting?

      1. Joe Burns says:

        Gee Dave, you really have to dig deep for that kind of stuff. I suggest you go to You Tube and watch Colin Flaherty and you will find that black to white crime is in a 100:1 ratio (really it is that high). And, NO, it is not because of white racism.

  8. Let me guess, the lowlife criminals were White Amish males. Darn white people.

  9. Dave Fay says:

    “Teens”? some other media outlets are reporting that the incident was caused by “Youths”.

  10. Terry Odette says:

    Always the same no matter what there age there always teens. And always black

  11. What we are witnessing is the complete breakdown and failure of multiculturalism.

  12. Cary Conrad says:

    What does this mean? “groups of young teenagers crowded into the park”

  13. Mike Arvand says:

    You can take the monkey out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle savage out of the monkey.

  14. I read the headline of the article and I only clicked it to confirm that it was teens of black and hispanic origin. I must be psychic.

    1. Jack Frost says:

      Thanks for the humor – I got a good laugh!

  15. For God’ sakes, people, those were Icelanders. And the were just celebrating the coming of winter.

  16. Dan Granger says:

    “100 teens”…”two girls”…”the girl”…”groups of young teenagers”…”between teens”…”other teens”…”100 young people”…”One juvenile”…”another person”

    Another classic example of the PC media propagandists attempting to condition their readers to ignore the obvious.

    Political Correctness is killing us. All cultures are not the same.

    “The most insidious power the media has, is the power to ignore.” (Chris Plante, WMAL)

    But it isn’t like we didn’t know:

    “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” -Richard Salant, former president of CBS News

    “We are going to impose our agenda on the coverage, by dealing with issues and subjects that we choose to deal with.” – Richard Cohen, Senior Producer, CBS Political News

  17. The Hispanic author failed to mention the “teens” are black. Hmmm.

  18. chicocdm says:

    Black people – like always. And they did it because of racism of course.

  19. Why didn’t they screen everyone, including bags, before being allowed to enter. I think lawsuits may be coming!!!

  20. “Teens”
    The media thinks we are so stupid we do not know what that now means.

  21. Dale Warren says:

    Ah, yes, San Francisco on the bay where sanctuary city status guarantees criminal illegal aliens license to maim and murder with impunity, where hoodlums run wild in rioting excess, where security and law enforcement are helpless onlookers, and radical, alt-Left, anti-American, socialist, Progressive Democrats rule triumphant over the dysfunctional anarchy they intentionally created for the greater good.

  22. Youth teen fighting without race mentioned means one thing… We all know, yet the PC correctness liberals want us to not think that is blacks..

  23. Harry Buskin says:

    Yes, dear, you built that. Your own feral youths are eating you alive, and you love it!

  24. Those darn mischievous “teens” again.

  25. Don’t make the black kids angry! LOLOL

  26. Walt Right says:

    Were these “teens” Latrinos or Basketball Americans?

  27. Black dysfunction and the Racism of Lowered Expectations strikes….yet again.

  28. wow, the state that decriminalizes spreading death via HIV has these miscreants…please secede from the union..but you need to give all the military components back to us, and blow up any crossings into the real america..and all of those who do not like trump must stay.

  29. mjazzguitar says:

    This is Baяack’s fault.

  30. Two arrests? California police doing what they do best: reporting statistics.

  31. John Oakman says:

    But of course dey bees Obammies.

  32. Aint it just peachy living with all those subhuman illegal little Mexicans living in your cities California?

  33. Why does the media continue to play this game? Everyone knows it was nìggers.

  34. John Jupiter says:

    nobody mentioned that these “youths” were 90% Negroid

  35. “Diversity” truly makes everything better! Thanks to the Mexican takeover of California, the haunted house is truly scary.

  36. And by “teens”, they mean “Amish hooligans” . . .

  37. Can’t they just take a knee like their role models….???

  38. 13% of the population, 87% of the violent crime. Statistics don’t lie.

  39. are the Amish becoming Africanized? more news at 11….

  40. Thomas Ray says:

    The Liberals are afraid they will lose Black VOTES if they crack down.—–Trying to hide the ethnicity of the perps does not work—we the public know all the tricks “Teens” and “Youths” has already been overdone as a ploy

  41. Brian Turner says:

    Are you sure that “Hunt” doesn’t have a typo?

  42. oh those “teens”, those “thugs”, time to pretend we don’t all know what the real word is.

  43. Ford Hanson says:

    Great America turned into a real pit years ago. Lots of gang members and scary looking people hang out there.

  44. Yet when I apply for a CCW permit, the state of California has the nerve to tell me I do not have an immediate need to exercise my right? When people can’t go to a fun house without being tazed and beat up, or walk down the street of San Fran without being punched out cold, there is clear and present need for a CCW

  45. News SOP #4587:

    Any many on one racially motivated aggravated assault committed by black kids will be referred to as a “fight” or a “brawl” committed by “teens” or “young people”… even if it’s a dozen 17 year old black kids punching out a 65 year old grandmother.

    FU lame stream media… FU and die. Stop covering for black people and the horrible hate crimes they’ve been committing against everyone else for decades.

  46. christ…i knew before i looked.

  47. Brus Al says:

    Wow, imagine how much fun it will be out and about tomorrow night (when it is actually Halloween).

  48. The snowflakes have obviously become mentally deranged by their 24/7 constant use of dumbphones, literally sleeping with their toys like monkeys do with shiney objects.

  49. the “tell” is
    …2 GIRLS throwing punches…

  50. Teens = blacks. Why can’t the media just be honest about it? Political correctness costs lives.

  51. “Teens” are #1 in crime
    “Teens” are #1 in single parent households
    “Teens” are #1 in low IQ scores
    “Teens” are #1 in going to prison
    “Teens” are #1 supporters of liberals politics

  52. sby1977 says:

    Cali has become a 3rd World state…. Let them leave the Nation… please!

  53. Dan Meyers says:

    Great. Can I come and buy a $1,000,000 one bedroom shack so I can raise my kids with these latin rejects?

  54. Gi Gene says:

    While only 13% of the population in the USA is black

    93% of all black murder victims are murdered by another black
    85% of all violent interracial crimes are committed by blacks
    80% of all shootings are committed by blacks
    79% of all robberies are committed by blacks…
    59% of all murders are committed by blacks
    52% of all violent juvenile crimes are committed by blacks
    49% of all murder victims are black
    45% of all drug offenses are committed by blacks
    42% of all cop killers are black
    8% of America’s population are black men, yet they account for 40% of America’s total prison population.
    99% of all major riots involving property damage, looting and civil disobedience are committed by blacks as opposed to ANY OTHER minority in America.
    Blacks Commit 25X more Violent Assaults against Whites than Whites against Blacks.
    And the most amazing statistic of all;
    33% of all crimes in America are committed by 3% of the population; blacks between the ages of 16 and 36
    40% of blacks are on welfare (US Census)
    Only 59% blacks graduate high school (only 20%
    in Detroit)
    Over 60% of black households have no fathers present
    72% of black mothers are unwed, 72%!
    (Dept. of Justice, FBI and USA Census)

  55. Lilith Whyte says:

    Turns out segregation was a good idea.

    1. We should have picked our own cotton.

  56. These riots by black welfare thugs is spreading like wild fire.This is a carbon copy of a similar attacks in Baltimore on the same day..The feeling for Blacks is fear and not racism

  57. Seems that there are a lot of baby momma kids that never had fathers to discipline them. Is there a demographic link?

  58. Probably offspring from some of those fine illegals protected by a “sanctuary” city.
    CA…what good cesspool to be from!