SANTA ROSA (CBS SF) — A 35-year-old Santa Rosa man with a previous DUI conviction has been charged murder in a fatal Sunday night collision on Sonoma County’s Lakeville Highway, authorities said.

The California Highway Patrol said Logologoa Taumaloto Tevaseu had been arrested in the multi-vehicle crash that took place at 9:10 p.m. on the Lakeville Highway just north of SR-37.

According to investigators, Tevaseu was driving his 2006 Dodge Ram truck in the southbound lanes when crossed the double yellow and began to illegally pass vehicles.

He then struck a white Toyota Corolla head-on. The driver of the Corolla — 21-year-old Paulette Geronimo Quiba from Oakley — was killed in the collision. Three other vehicles subsequently collided with the Corolla or each other. Several people suffered minor to moderate injuries that required hospital treatment.

Tevaseu was arrested on DUI charges, but refused testing. He was taken to the Rohnert Park CHP station where a warrant was obtained and blood drawn. Due to Tevaseu having a prior DUI conviction and statements he made while talking with officers, he was arrested on a murder charge.

During the course of the investigation, two CHP from Marin were helping in the closure of nearby Lakeville Road. They has their two patrol cars parked across the road with their flashers flashing.

They were standing outside their vehicles when they saw an Acura RSX approaching at a high rate of speed. The officers jumped out of the way and the Acura slammed into a patrol car.

The Acura driver 29-year-old Ashley Leah Barnachea of Santa Rosa was arrested on DUI charges.

  1. This sounds like a Hispanic problem. They think they are fast and furious, when in reality they are dumb and drunk.
    Praise you Lord for stories like this one. They are most entertaining.

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