SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — There is a move that’s gaining traction on Bay Area freeways to turn two-person carpool lanes into three.

“Our objective is to get those lanes moving,” says Metropolitan Transportation Commission spokesperson John Goodwin.

One plan to speed up the carpool lanes is increasing the number of people per car from 2 to 3.

“The idea is to make sure there is a time-saving advantage for carpoolers, thus promoting carpooling,” says Goodwin.

The current proposal, which ultimately would have to be approved by Caltrans, involves increasing the carpool lanes to three people on Interstate 880 in the East Bay, Highway 237 in the South Bay and Highway 101 on the Peninsula. It would create a ring around the bay.

Some are concerned the plan may drive people out of the carpool lane and simply slow down all the other lanes of traffic.

“The days that I can’t carpool, the traffic is horrible as it is,” says commuter Monica Barajas. “So, if it’s going to make that worse then I really wouldn’t like that to happen.”

For others the trade-off is worth it.

“The commuter lane is still really so packed. It shouldn’t be,” says carpooler David Silva. “I think three people per car is a good idea. That’s one less car on the road.”

  1. Jeff Eliares says:

    What you guys need to do more is crack down on people going in the car pool lanes with just the driver on board. This solves this problem.