"...That’s the turnaround. That’s what we’re trying to work on." - Terry Sanders, Oakland Firefighter and Father


SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – It wasn’t easy for Terry Sanders to find a home for his wife and 11 year old son when every rental house he applied to had 20 other fire victims in line as well.

But he got lucky and on Monday got the keys to a Bennett Family Vacation House.

“They were using it as a VRBO. So, it was completely furnished and they said you know here you can stay for as long as you need.”

So the first night in nearly a month not sleeping on other people’s couches, they made tortellini and sat around as a family. It was a chance to finally decompress and let go of weeks of trying to stay strong.

Sanders saw his son one day after school.

“He just said Daddy I’m so stressed out. I felt so bad and we just sat and cried together.” Sanders said. And I just said I’m so sorry that this happened. I said we’re going to make some systems, we’re going to get you a desk. We’re going to put you in a spot so that you can do your homework. And he came home yesterday from school, got the best score on his French spelling test. That’s the turnaround. That’s what we’re trying to work on.”

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