By Kiet Do

CAMPBELL (KPIX 5) — Police in Campbell were seeking the public’s help to find a group of teenagers who burglarized homes and are later seen on a security camera video wandering the neighborhood.

The video shows the burglary crew of seven is clearly underage, and investigators say clearly not professionals. “These appear to be teenagers, who are fairly unsophisticated at breaking into houses,” said Campbell Police Capt. Gary Berg.

That’s because during the getaway, they unknowingly walked into a cul-de-sac with a dead end. On the video, one of the boys appears lost, scratching his head and looking around.

Moments later, they walk right past the camera again, going back the way they came.

One of the neighborhood residents who turned in their video evidence to police said he hopes the teens straighten themselves out. “I don’t know if they just don’t have good parents at home to kind of lead them down the right path, but hopefully they turn their lives around.,” said resident Vincent Cortinas.

Neighbors said they had just burglarized two homes on El Patio Court, coming in through a side gate and kicking in a door.

The footage shows one of the boys made off with a colorful shopping bag neighbors said was full of valuables.

Police said a large group of seven people altogether is both unusual – and potentially helpful.

“We’re hoping that somebody might recognize this group that may travel and hang out together and that will give us the ability to identify all of them,” said Berg.


  1. This is from Nextdoor Hathaway. Same type of burglaries occurred there….different group of teens though. Hope you have enough to get info from SJ Police. Maybe you can get event numbers. Teens cased houses first, then broke in around noon kicking side door in near back of house.

    Update: Can You ID These Burglars?
    I’d like to give all an update on the below Vallejo Drive Burglary (East of Hathaway Park) that I posted last week found here:

    I spoke with both the civilian and uniform sides of the City of San Jose and they said a big Thank You (!) to you all for the video, screen grabs and all of the data that the post created. A few days later on Friday, I received a call from the San Jose Police Department (SJPD) Burglary Unit. The purpose of their call was a thank you and… > >

    > > to let us know that the Vallejo Burglary was an active case as were the additional cases tied together from the Nextdoor post.

    This is a big deal.

    It’s a big deal because all of you that provided details and data of similar burglaries added value to the SJPD detective process.

    As I told the City, this is not about “my” post. I’m acting as the aggregator of much work provided by our immediate neighbors here in Hathaway Park that I know, and the many complete strangers that responded to the post in neighborhoods not so close by that I don’t know.

    It takes time to parse through security video. It takes time to post and Personal Message (PM) details of other burglaries in other neighborhoods and explain how they seem to be related to the Vallejo Burglary.

    In addition to the data provided by folks posting publicly, I received PMs from 14 people. Some of these folks ran an ongoing dialog with me as I asked for additional data. Two people actually knocked on neighbors’ doors to confirm details of burglaries such as homeowner names, addresses, and descriptions of the burglaries. AND, I received 3 SJPD Event Numbers making these burglaries easy to find in the SJPD database.

    To all of you, thanks for stepping up to help your neighbors. I’m happy I could play a role in this.

    Making neighborhoods better is like watching paint dry. It’s a slow, boring and gradual process. I hope my above summary of the great behavior from so many of you I experience this past week helps all have faith in the fact that individuals make a difference.

    You can make a difference.

    Don’t be shy about doing something.

    Don’t be shy about organizing up data for the cops. There’s no magic here. It’s not rocket science.

    When the data finished rolling in from my post; I cut, pasted and organized the relevant data; connected the dots on the 4-door white sedan and times; created an email; called 311; told them my 30-second story of potential value on some similar burglaries; asked who can I send the info to, they gave me the number to the SJPD Burglary Unit; I called them and sent them the e-mail.

    That was it. That easy.

    Again, don’t be shy about doing something in the future; you can make a difference.

    When, and if, I get more info on this case, I’ll pass it along.

    And a thank you to San Jose Councilperson Chappie Jones’ District 1 team as well as those at the SJPD that pointed me in the right direction and got the attention of the right folks to help on this project.


    One of the common public posts and PMs last week was the question about the cameras used in the video burglaries.

    These are cameras from a neighbor with a relatively sophisticated system. My wife and I have a very un-sophisticated camera system from Nest where each camera can be set up and running in less than 10 minutes using only your smartphone. While not nearly as good as the video in the post, they’re effective. And they were used, as well as others like them in the neighborhood, to help catch car burglars last year and a package.

    Emmett Donohue is poster.