RICHMOND (CBS SF) — Contra Costa County sheriff’s officials have launched an investigation into complaints by female U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainees about conditions at a jail where the woman are being held, according to officials.

The detainees made claims about the conditions at the West County Detention Facility in Richmond.

In a Facebook post last Thursday, Sheriff’s officials said they have not received any complaints directly from the detainees and did not say in the post what the detainees were complaining about.

Rather sheriff’s officials offered some facts about the inmates’ care in response to alleged misleading reports of the complaints.

According to sheriff’s officials, inmates have keys to their own rooms. They’re able to leave their rooms to use the restroom, go to programs, to medical appointments or to visits.

Sheriff’s officials said the detainees have free time in excess of what’s required by law.

Even when the detainees are supposed to be in their rooms, the doors to their rooms are unlocked and they can use the restroom as necessary, according to sheriff’s officials.

Deputies did not arrest the detainees, sheriff’s officials said.

The detainees are only housed at the detention facility on behalf of immigration and customs officials.