SAN CARLOS (KPIX 5) — Officials in San Carlos are looking to temporarily block new stores selling firearms and ammunition from opening, including a sporting goods store that was set to go into business this month.

Turner’s Outdoorsmen is a chain of sporting goods shops that already has about 20 other locations. While the sign posted outside their San Carlos address says they’ll be opening in November, the location may be on hold as they wait to see how city council members vote Monday night.

“Since this whole thing started coming up, we’ve had not one, but two mass shootings in the United States,” said San Carlos City Council member Mark Olbert. “And naturally that makes reasonable people very, very concerned about what’s going on in their community.”

In a controversial move, council members are considering the adoption of an “urgency ordinance” imposing a temporary moratorium on new retail establishments selling ammunition or firearms in the city of San Carlos.

Turner’s Outdoorsmen, which sells fishing and hunting equipment, had filed the paperwork for permits.

It was on track to open until residents asked the city to reconsider. Permits have not been issued yet.

Council member Olbert says he’s been getting hundreds of emails about the topic.

“Most of it, from community members is, ‘Please do what you can to stop the store from opening, regulate it more carefully,'” explained Olbert. “People are very scared about the propensity for mass gun violence.”

Olbert said ultimately the city may put a limit on the number of firearms stores in the city or add extra reviews they have to go through.

He said San Carlos already limits the number of nail salons and bank branches in the downtown area.

“I have never seen the level of outpouring of interest — on all sides, from community members, not to mention outside of San Carlos — as I have on this issue,” said Olbert.

The topic is sure to be a hot button issue when it comes up for discussion Monday night at 7 p.m. at San Carlos City Hall.

KPIX 5 reached out to Turner’s Outdoorsmen and the NRA for comment, but have not heard back as of early Monday afternoon.

A spokesperson for the sporting goods store will be at the meeting Monday night.