SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF & CNN) – Hours before squaring off against the Boston Celtics in a much-anticipated showdown between two the NBA’s best teams, the thoughts of Golden State stars Draymond Green and Steph Curry were focused on education.

Before visiting Boston’s TD Garden, Green found himself in nearby Cambridge, speaking before an overflow crowd at Harvard Business School an event hosted by the school’s Institute of Politics called, “Athletes as Leaders: A Discussion with Draymond Green.”

Green spoke on subjects ranging from being uninvited by President Donald Trump to the White House, to using his athletic prowess as a platform for social change, to the use of the word “owner” in professional sports.

“It definitely blows my mind to be speaking at Harvard,” Green told the San Francisco Chronicle. “But then to be of interest like that, where people are really checking for it, that’s pretty interesting.”

Green’s objection to the use of the word owner has drawn the ire of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. When asked the Harvard moderator, Green said he did not mean to be disrespectful to Cuban.

“I didn’t say that in disrespect to anyone,” Green said. “I said that because those were my thoughts … Mark Cuban will never know or understand how it feels for me, a young black African-American, to turn on the TV and see what happened in Charlottesville. He’ll never have that feeling.”

Meanwhile, Curry announced on Thursday that he will be teaching an online class for

The Golden State Warriors guard is taking his skills to the masses in early 2018 — defying the expression that those who can’t do, teach — when he launches a series of lessons.

MasterClass, an online tutorial platform, offers video lessons on a range of topics from big stars. You can get tennis lessons from Serena Williams, acting lessons from Samuel L. Jackson and conservation classes from Dr. Jane Goodall.

What do you get for your money with Curry?

The fee gets you a lifetime subscription to at least 15 pre-recorded video lessons designed by Curry that cover shooting, ball-handling, footwork and scoring.

You also get a workbook, access to other students online and interactive assignments.

Yup, it seems Curry’s class comes with homework.

While Curry may offer comments during office hours, he generally won’t be providing feedback directly to students. According to MasterClass, the company behind the lessons, Curry may choose to evaluate the work of a select few.

MasterClass says Curry’s lessons will show players how to transform their games.

Curry was often overlooked by college coaches but went on to have a stellar career at Davidson College. He was drafted seventh by the Warriors in 2009 and is now one of the best players in the league.

Basically — if anyone knows how to undergo a radical transformation, it’s Curry.

One note though: There’s no guarantee that you’ll get drafted by an NBA team and beat LeBron James in the Finals.

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