BERKELEY (CBS SF) — A big rig crashed into the center divider on westbound Highway 80 near Berkeley’s University Ave. exit Friday morning, blocking four lanes for nearly three hours and triggering a massive backup.

The driver died in hospital after suffering major injuries in the crash. No other injuries were reported.

The California Highway Patrol said all lanes had been reopened at 11:56 a.m., but traffic was still clogged up heading west on Highway 80 out of San Francisco.

The crash was reported just before 9 a.m. with debris and emergency vehicles blocking three westbound lanes and an eastbound lane.

The CHP said the big rig’s left front tire blew out and the truck crossed over lanes and into the center median, where it collided with the concrete barrier. The trailer then collided with the University Ave. overpass.

The collision caused the big rig to separate from the trailer and the driver was ejected. The CHP said it does not appear that the driver was wearing his seatbelt.

After separation, the big rig continued to travel approximately 50 yards down the highway before coming to a stop in the #1 lane. The trailer, meanwhile, came to a stop, blocking three other lanes.

Comments (3)
  1. Just another example of another fu king driver who should never have gotten his license.

    1. This piece of shait appeared not to be wearing his seatbelt. What a surprise.
      Thank you Lord for getting rid of yet another loser in the Bay Area.

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