ANGELS CAMP (AP) — Police say they arrested a man on Thanksgiving after a human skull was found in the trunk of a car that ran a stop sign.

Officers in Angels Camp say it appears the skull had recently been dug up. It was taken to the Calaveras County coroner’s office for identification.

Police said a passenger seen driving the car earlier did not have a valid driver’s license and the skull was found during a search before the car was towed.

Police also reported finding methamphetamine hidden behind the car’s fuel-door.

Officers said the man refused to say how he got the skull and was booked on suspicion of disturbing human remains, possessing methamphetamine and vehicle code violations

An investigation is continuing.

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  1. Here is a RAT caught for doing and having all the wrong things. Once they put all the pieces together, I wouldn’t be sirprized that he is responsible for a murder one! God does not like ugly!

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