SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — A white nationalist group set up a memorial for Kate Steinle near where she was shot at Pier 14, just one of several impassioned reactions to the not guilty verdict in the trial of the illegal immigrant who shot her.

The group, called Identity Evropa, decorated the memorial with flowers, candles, and messages that read “Build the wall” and that Steinle’s death “will be avenged” after a jury acquitted an undocumented immigrant of her killing.

The group posted about the memorial through its Twitter account late Thursday night and Friday morning, calling for a boycott of San Francisco and saying the acquittal was “an indictment of not only San Francisco but our country overall.”

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate – a man who had previously been deported five times – was acquitted of both murder and manslaughter with the verdict handed down by the jury Thursday afternoon. He was only found guilty of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Friday morning, the White House released a statement, saying in part, “Had San Francisco enforced our nation’s immigration laws, the Steinle family would be celebrating this holiday with all of their loved ones.”

Thursday evening, President Trump took to Twitter to decry the verdict. After the jury’s decision was announced, the president tweeted the verdict was “disgraceful.”

Friday morning, he continued to criticize the verdict on Twitter.

Some people walking along the Embarcadero paused for a moment at Pier 14 to look at the memorial. Those who work and live in San Francisco were still trying to come to terms with the jury’s decision.

“It feels like the verdict could have been harsher,” said Pleasanton resident Lisa Thordsen. “That’s something else to look at. But that’s for our politicians to look at as well and how they handle cases like that. Someone may have dropped the ball on the prosecution side.”

“Looking at it and the gun powder, that part right there is kind of what gave me doubt of the intent,” said Kristin Kboy of San Francisco.

The decision made those KPIX 5 talked to put themselves in the jurors’ shoes.

“I wasn’t sitting in the juror box. I imagine those people are having deep thoughts over their coffees this morning,” said Thordsen.

Garcia Zarate is back in court on December 14th. That is when his sentencing date will be announced.

Comments (8)
  1. Anna Cottage says:

    I live in England and the situation here is the same as America. I never thought in my lifetime that I would find myself voicing opinions that the Whites need to step forward and be heard. There are too many scared to speak up if you do you are called a Racist. I followed the case of beautiful Kate and suspected the killer would get away with it, but hoped he would not. We, have to speak up for ourselves, I do hope that in America that wall is built. Whites must stand together and be heard, protect our Christian values, protect what We Built. Take care, all the best to you.

  2. Fred Mertz says:

    One thing we can all agree on, The Blacks, illegal immigrants and anarchists are the backbone of the Democrat Party.
    With liberals this country will continue with the same failed policies Obama has started and fall into anarchy. Trump has shaken up the business as usual, get nothing done Washington and Mexico. It is class and race warfare the liberals want,

    I have my guns and we will not have gun control.
    We need immigrant control
    We need Soros control
    We need liberal control.

    Without Republicans I see the country turning into a lawless Mad Max and Thunder-dome. The Democrats would not stop illegal immigration, murder rampant in the Democrat cities, riots, looting. Loss of Law and Order. No more illegals, subversive, terrorists.

  3. That was a nice gesture by Identity Europa, I’m glad a group is standing up for the soon-to-be White minority in California.

  4. Don’t try to tell me your demented garbage that there is something wrong with being who I am.
    Being WHITE as well as supporting NATIONAL PRIDE and THE BEST OF TRADITIONS
    has a proud HISTORY behind it including LIBERTY, our CONSTITUTION, and the REPUBLIC.

    1. Anna Cottage says:

      Can you please tell me which individual you’re rude reply was aimed at. If it was mine, I found nothing offensive in what I said. No one is stopping you from going out there and defending your colour defending whatever you are. No need for such rudeness.