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Welcome to Taiwan: Off the Grid, with your hosts and guides, Adam Klein, winner of CBS’ Survivor, and Jorge Maravilla, winner of The San Francisco Marathon.

Explore the Night Markets in Taipei, indisputably the most famous night markets in Taiwan, and get behind the scenes for an exciting food experience for tourists and locals alike.

This is where you see firsthand how Taiwan is home to an edible harmony of cultures.

From traditional Taiwanese dishes to Hakka food, Hunan cuisine, Sichuan dishes, Japanese and Korean food, the night markets are packed with culinary treats from hundreds of independent vendors, each specializing in one or two food items.

This means that the taste of the food is top-notch, since each vendor has to focus on perfecting his signature dish. It’s an unbelievable amount of delicious street food to taste and experience!

Taiwan is a Top Adventure Destination. #timefortaiwan #taiwanoffthegrid

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