SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — A bazooka-style rocket launcher was among the firearms turned in at a police-sponsored gun buyback event in San Francisco on Saturday.

The shoulder-fired, anti-tank weapon was one of at least 188 firearms that were swapped for cash at the “no-questions-asked” buyback.

The event was organized by the S.F. police department and the violence-prevention group “United Playaz.”

“It’s important because every gun that we destroy and we get off the street is a potential gun that could have killed somebody or destroyed a whole universe — just one of those guns,” said Rudy Corpuz Jr., executive director of United Playaz.

Buyback organizers said they expected to pay out at least $50,000 for the weapons received on Saturday.

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  1. Robert Gomez says:

    The police got scammed. That’s not a “bazooka”. That’s an empty rocket tube.

    AT4s are meant to be one-time use. You shoot it, you toss the tube. You can’t use it again and you can’t reload it with a new rocket.

    They just paid a few hundred for a useless plastic tube.

  2. That’s a DEMILLED AT4. Nothing but a plastic tube. They are sold legally in gun shops all over the country. Why did the cameraman not point his lens to show that the tube was EMPTY and INERT? Nice hit piece. This is just ONE of the reasons why the MSM is fake news. You should be ashamed of yourselves.