HAYWARD (KPIX 5) — A disturbing scene was recently found outside a church in Hayward where statues of children were found beheaded.

For 60 years those who attend St. Bede’s Catholic Church in Hayward have passed by a group of statues out front depicting Mary’s appearance to the children of Fatima.

But lately, they’ve become a symbol of man’s cruelty.

“I’m just heartbroken to see how this happened,” said one young parishioner.

“How? What heart do you have that could do this?” said an outraged older woman who attends the church.

A few weeks ago, a vandal defaced the statues, breaking off Mary’s hands and the heads of the three children and a lamb. It’s not the first time it’s happened.  The statues have been damaged three times in the last few years.

When asked why he thought someone would do something like this, eight-year old parishioner Lucia Wright replied, “I don’t know. Probably he’s a hater or something.”

“It is a shame that someone could come over here and actually do all this. I mean, they don’t have no heart…,” said St. Bede’s parishioner George Silva.

Whatever the motivation, the church’s pastor Fr. Seamus Farrell says this fits the very definition of a hate crime.

“It’s an attack on the faith of the people, the faith of all of us. It’s not simply a physical thing. It attacks our heart and mocks what we believe in,” said Farrell.

The senseless attack has angered the congregation and become a test of their willingness to forgive those who trespass against them.

“My heart goes out to all of us who are suffering, but also to those who in their blindness, whatever it may be, caused this destruction,” said Farrell.

 The pastor says the statues can and will be repaired.

The pastor is considering whether the shrine has to be moved but says he would prefer to keep it open and visible as an inspiration to the public.


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  1. According to Democrats and their media puppets, there is no such thing as a hate crime against Christianity.

  2. They need to install a super-efficient video security system to reveal and NAIL these jerks. (who will probably turn out to be God-hating “Progressives.”)

  3. Lefty Democrats, exercising their First Amendment rights by depriving others of their rights to their own property.

  4. illinoisatlarge says:

    This is how Liberals worship their gods?

  5. The **Tolerant Left** strikes again — Agree with us Godless atheists or we’ll destroy every symbol of the religion you believe in. Islam excluded naturally (because they’ll kill us, our family, and our pets, if we offend them.)

    And yet these ‘progressives’ are shocked that anyone could hate them.

  6. It would behoove a pastor to keep the 2nd commandment (or perhaps read the bible): no hard copies at all, i. e.,


    photographs, paintings, art, technology of that which God has already created and which renders His copyright violated- under punishment for many generations downward.

  7. Darren Davis says:

    Quit worshiping statues, and worship Jesus.

    1. They do not worship statues, that’s absurd.

      1. Willam Nat says:

        Maybe that’s the kind of ignorant statement that inspired these stupid people to attack the statues.

      2. Willam Nat says:

        This comment was meant for Darren not Joe: “Maybe that’s the kind of ignorant statement that inspired these stupid people to attack the statues.”

  8. 100% chance is it a bored teenager that was force-indoctrinated with this death-cult nonsense by his parents….

    1. Or indoctrinated by the DemoncRats at the government run public schools…

      1. Kid probably went to a Xtian school…….

  9. democRats or Mooslums – take your pick.

  10. Illegals who hate America and our values and traditions.

  11. I learned a very long time ago, that in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia, you never leave anything outside that you don’t care if it gets stolen or vandalized. Sad, but you just don’t. Sorry, but even as a Christian I find the vandalism a bit humorous. I mean really, what did they think was gonna happen?

  12. This is how liberals mark their territory: through desecration. Similar to how dogs pee on things….

  13. Joe Daigle says:

    Muslims or religion hating gays, take your pick.

  14. Rick Janke says:

    Jesus keeps score! Those pukes that did this will have their blocks knocked off some day for it!

  15. Mac Joiner says:

    Two incidents of people vandalizing and/or leaving bacon on the doorstep of a mosque garnered them 6-15 years in prison. Look it up.
    Any bets on how hard the wrist slap will be for the person who destroyed these statues?

  16. More fun with immigrants. Muzzles probably.

  17. Vox Veritas says:

    Late-term statue abortion. Democrats can never sate their blood lust.

  18. Adherents to what religion are all about beheading?

  19. Freda Dan says:

    Catholic hating fundamentalists…..Muslims (doubt it)…..or Bolsheviks…I mean Democrats that want religion to go away because it interferes w/ the communist utopia they have planned for us.

  20. tomkay1012 says:

    Simple enough, just keep letting them in and you will witness more of the same.
    But, as their brazen attitude develop so too will their desire to use live subjects, see Kate S.

  21. Joey Suggs says:

    TIf it were a Muslim, it would be a bomb in the church during mass. This is the work of Protestants who have been doing this for 500 years.

  22. This has become the “new normal” for California. They want anything Christian destroyed because Christians disavow & detest the debauchery, degeneracy, and foul hedonism that controls the moral authority in California.

  23. More depraved threats from the (D)onkey terrorist party

  24. St Bedey? What an ignoramus reporter. One of the most important scholars in history, and this guy can’t even pronounce his name.