A man's best friend saved him once from a shooter, but couldn't save him the second time.

OAKLAND (KPIX)– Authorities are trying to find out if an unhappy customer shot and killed an auto mechanic after a heated argument.

Earlier this month, Jimmy Martinez credited his dog, Chata, for saving his life.

He told KPIX 5, “If it wasn’t for the dog, I wouldn’t be here.”

But Martinez did not survive a second shooting Friday night and Chata couldn’t save him.

Jimmy Martinez (CBS)

Oakland police say around 9:30 pm someone shot Martinez outside of his RV after an argument. He was parked near the corner of 85th Avenue and Enterprise Way in East Oakland.

People living in nearby RVs heard the shots.

“I was about to eat and watch TV. And I heard like 10 shots,” said Marvin Morris, a neighbor.

Another neighbor, Duncan Burns also heard the gunfire.

“His dog is a super dog, wonder hero. The dog was locked in the house, couldn’t get out to help,” Burns said.

The Martinez and his dog were still recovering from a December 4th shooting.

Jimmy told us a truck driver shot him in the hand over a parking space. Chata charged at the trucker and was shot in the nose.

Chata (CBS)

Back then, Martinez’s sister, Diane told KPIX 5, “If it wasn’t for Chata, I wouldn’t be standing here, I would be planning a funeral for my brother.

It’s still early, but it doesn’t appear the 2 shootings are connected. Martinez worked as a mechanic, fixing people’s cars on the street.

A witness says a few hours before the shooting, a customer blamed Martinez for a bad repair job and demanded a refund.

Hyo Song works across the street from the shooting scene.

“They had a little argument, a confrontation for about 5 to 10 minutes. And then, the other gentleman drove off very angry,” she said.

Police are looking for that customer. They’re also looking at other leads.

For now, Chata is staying with Martinez’s sister. She told KPIX 5 the dog was crying all night.

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  1. Oakland and most of CA is a perverted cesspool of “humanity and government”…

  2. California Gun Control. Obviously it’s working. If Jimmy had had a gun we might have ended up with two people shot instead of just one.

    1. Hugh Tjardon says:

      Perfect Democrat logic. Congratulations. Go Bears.

    2. Yeah, Pal, it’s working just great. Only the guy that was trying to make an honest living is dead. The guy that shot him out of anger is on the run. But since it’s only a grand total of one, regardless of which one, that’s OK.

      Please don’t leave CA and infect other places with your “logic.”

    1. Shilling much? You don’t even have the common sense to hide your identity. Well glad you left, you won’t be missed either CBS or Drudge.

  3. Eric Liscom says:

    This is the problem in places dominated by liberal politics… You can’t defend yourself, because some idiots decided they needed to control guns, like that would stop robberies, etc… Criminals are curbed only by knowing they could die if they try to attack you… Note here that the attacker waited until the dog was put away and couldn’t get at him…a typical coward… He knew the victim couldn’t defend himself…
    Very sad… But very predictable…

  4. A sewer of humanity! Wherever the left has power one can be sure that a great many people will be in deplorable conditions and serve as their unwitting proletariat. This underclass must live in fear and endure rules that keep them in perpetual fear. This is the left!

  5. All of the streets are lined with rvs and cars where people are living in them. It can cause people to get irritated when they cant even park in front of their house. I got some used campers maybe I’ll take them to Oakland and park them on the street and rent them out.

  6. Tom Nichol says:

    “This homeless man..” then the reporter goes on to tell the story of the man who lived in his motor home. What idiots are they hiring at news providers these days?

    California is quickly becoming a Third World hell hole with squatters, illegals and moronic governments.

  7. Diane, so very sorry for your loss. My family and I will pray for Jimmy’s soul, God rest him. Years ago my uncle died all alone unexpectedly and we inherited his traumatized puppy. Don’t forget to keep something of Jimmy’s near, something he was wearing that has his scent. It will comfort Chata. God be with you and yours on this sad Christmas.

  8. Diana Roby says:

    A man died. Show some respect. Diane, I am so very sorry for the death of your brother. I hope that you and Chata get justice for your brother.