PLEASANTON (CBS SF) — Victoria Cristobal will never forget the moment she saw a 6-month old puppy named Luca.

Cristobal was at a local pet rescue when she found a ‘forever buddy’ for her 4-year-old Godson Jason, who was born with cerebral palsy.

“As we were leaving our eyes just attached and I fell in love with him and knew it was Jason’s forever buddy,” she told KPIX 5. “When we saw Luca it was match.”

Like Jason, Luca cannot walk because he was born with a genetic malady. Their mutual struggles have created a incredibly strong bond between the two.

“It was so much joy to see them,” Cristobal said. “(To see) the love they both had right off the bat.”

And while Jason can’t say words, his smile and expressions say it all.

“Jason just squeals in excitement,” Cristobal said. “He has been so much more vocal. There is just this excitement when Jason comes home from school and (Luca) meets him at the bus.”

For now the family says it’s one day at a time, and appreciating this forever bond between a little boy and his puppy, sitting by side by side this holiday season.

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  1. Roger Gibson says:

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  2. Why do pit bull owners always subconsciously invoke death when describing their dogs? Their pits will “lick you to death”, “love you to death”, “kill you with kisses.”

    Pit bulls were artificially created through selective breeding to be fighters, maulers and killers. You cannot “love” the genetics out of an animal.

    Pit bull advocates do NOT care about the lives of people, or other dogs.

    Placing a pit bull in a nice family home is all that matters for them; they care naught about the maiming and disfiguring for life that will follow. They have all the time in the world to raise money for their beloved pit bulls (like all these pit pushing videos you are seeing lately — there’s money behind them); BUT not a second to care about the medical bills that bankrupt the families who fell for their snake oil or are the victims of others falling for it.