SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — After a foiled Pier 39 terror plot planned for Christmas day, San Francisco is re-evaluating its relationship with the Feds.

Soon after President Trump’s inauguration, the San Francisco Police Department stopped participating in the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

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But after last week’s reminder that Pier 39 was a target, KPIX asked Acting Mayor London Breed if the city should re-join the Task Force.

“The chief and I are having discussions about that and we’re gonna be having a few important announcements in the coming weeks,” said Mayor Breed.

According to an FBI complaint, on December 16, Everitt Jameson told a undercover agent he wanted to attack Pier 39 in the name of Isis on Christmas Day. Two days later, he sent the agent pictures of the pier.

FBI sources tell KPIX they did notify SFPD about the threat, but police had to wait for that call because San Francisco is no longer part of the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

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“Not only did the FBI handle the situation appropriately but our department – our police department – they’ve really stepped up,” said the Acting Mayor.

Breed says she’s now considering all options.

“We will do everything we can to protect our city and if it means, looking at – re-examining the Task Force or anything else that could add to that, then we are open to it but no decisions have been made at this time,” she said.

“The FBI will continue conducting investigations with or without SFPD,” said KPIX 5 Security Analyst Jeff Harp. “So if you have been offered a seat at the table, by all means, sit at the table, have access to the information and that way you can at least go brief your staff without waiting for that phone call to come from the FBI.”

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Any new agreement with the city and the FBI would have to undergo a public hearing at the city’s Police Commission.