SAN ANSELMO (CBS SF) — While it has become commonplace for professional football players to take a knee during the National Anthem, San Anselmo’s Ford Greene may be the only local politician to carry the practice over into a city council meeting.

Greene has been dropping to a knee during the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of council meetings since the October 10th meeting. Some council members assumed he was backing former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s Black Lives Matter protest.

Although supportive of the former 49er, Greene says he’s protesting something else.

“I can’t stand the destruction Donald Trump is wreaking on our country,” he said. “Eliminating net neutrality, his use of office of the Presidency for his own selfish business gain.”

For two months no one asked why he was taking a knee. Finally, a newspaper reporter asked.

“I thought about it,” said Greene of revealing his motive.

Former San Anselmo Councilman Tom McInerney can be heard chuckling in the video of the October protest.

He says Greene’s action was ‘laughable’ because he has a tendency to grandstand.

“If you engage in protest, the whole point is to tell people why you’re doing it instead of keeping it secret,” McInerney told KPIX 5.

Fellow attorney Arthur Pirelli says Greene has his own way of doing things.

“He’s done various protests throughout the years,” he told KPIX 5. “He speaks his mind.”

Greene says he plans to continue to kneel during the Pledge of Allegiance at council meetings and at the Central Marin Police Council where he represents San Anselmo.

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  1. Amer Ican says:

    As soon as I started reading this I thought, “this has to be California”.

  2. So how did I know that this was Mexifornia before even seeing the headline?

  3. Jack Inmanz says:

    This is why I seldom vote at all. Chances are, no matter how you research the candidates and vote for the one you think will best serve his couintry, you wind up with this guy.

    1. This is one of the major reasons we are where we are because people do not do their duty to vote. Your vote counts and it is important. If people would just get out to vote we could get rid of these leaches who do not deserve to live in this country. They are taking us down from the inside. Stop being pc and teach your children and others the importance of voting. We are the majority…and boy the changes we could make to make this country once again great like it was intended. Have a great New Year and stay safe.

      1. Doc Deuteron says:

        You are right, but they’d rather wait for the absolute perfect candidate who thinks exactly like they do, with whom they agree on each an every issue, and who has never, ever, in public or private, hurt anybody’s feelings.

  4. bvikay says:

    West coast and Kalifornia says it all. That’s where the left wing nut cases hang out. They elect stupid people because they are like the voters.

  5. David Alster says:

    He says ““I can’t stand the destruction Donald Trump is wreaking on our country,” Is this guy living in the United States or on the moon?

    1. I think you’re close. I think there is a commune on the moon for brain dead antique hippies … the worst of which are from the bay area. This moron even had to think about why he was doing it. Looking for his 15 minutes but he’s not even sure about that.

  6. Mike McQuade says:

    This was not worth reporting or giving this waste of time . It is apparent this fool did not get enough mommy time and now is only looking ant attention he can get, shame on you KPIX 5 serving the communist state of san fransico

  7. Just a typical Demoncrat, pandering to his voters. If he thought it would get him one more vote or one more nickel in his campaign coffers, he’d eat live babies at the meetings.

  8. Tom Walter says:

    Thirteen states report lowest unemployment in history. Stock market is at record highs. Giant corporations are moving thousands upon thousands of jobs back to the U.S. Hispanic and black unemployment rates are at record lows, too. We finally have a president that refuses to back down from or give in to ANY terrorist group or country. You will not see President Trump giving billions of dollars to enemy countries. We have a president who is deeply dedicated to this country. A president that is doing everything he can to restore the United State’s respect and prominence in the world. Can anyone explain why people like Ford Greene think all of this is so horribly wrong? After all, it worked for well over 200 years. Personally, that is EXACTLY what I voted for.

  9. dt60093 says:

    Another entitled narcissist in Kalifornia. What a surprise!

  10. So, if the Anthem protests are no longer about Police Brutality and have become a protest of Donald Trump instead, then the left has lost the debate because they’ve abandoned their original cause and are just showing everyone that this is nothing more than politics.

  11. No doubt a few of his whacked out constituents are amused but I would assume most of the folks in their little town are not too happy about being in a national place of humiliation.

  12. while you are down there…….open wide

  13. Mike Mora says:

    As a lifelong Californian I have become immune to idiots like this guy. He found a platform and now lives for the attention.
    If you asked him why he despises our President he would be unable to articulate his reason. It’s cool and trendy to be considered part of the resistance. You attract attention from fellow nuts and that is all guys like this really want.
    He won’t be re-elected…

  14. Worthless POS liberal parasite.

  15. the right to be a big dummy….MERICA!

  16. I have been to SF many times. I remember walking down the road and seeing port o potties with locks on them, needles in alleyways and doorways, junkies in the streets, homeless walking around pushing carts. I also talked to locals i worked with while i was there and i know how the city has a way of removing these people as well. Most Cali towns i have been to do the same thing. No concern for the homeless at all but more than ready to become a Sanctuary City.
    So…i say clean up your own back yard and stop blaming others for it.
    You, councilman, are kneeling in your own sh-t

  17. Mike Keller says:

    Just listening to his explanation, no dought he is mentally ill. Too bad we don’t vet politicians.

  18. Tom Thomason says:

    This guy is yet another example of someone using Trump to gain favor with a voting contingency. It’s self-serving.

  19. Paul Trott says:

    Unlike what Ford Greene surely “feels”, there is intelligent life East of the I-5 freeway. 3000 miles of it.

  20. Joe Andres says:

    Another mentally handicapped liberal. Half a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  21. Mark Randall says:

    I am shocked, SHOCKED I tells ya.

  22. Was kneeling during all of Obama’s destruction? Or how about During George Bush’s destruction of the World Trade center as an excuse to destroy the Middle East? Let’s face it our government has stood for nothing but destruction since WWII. No matter if it’s Democrat or Republicans.

  23. As soon as the address field displayed “sanfrancisco,” I didn’t bother reading this non-news story.

  24. Nobody had the intestinal fortitude to fall on him and said his actions made him feel faint and just apologize 🙂

  25. Bill Huggins says:

    Hey Dumb A$$, kneeling is a sign of subservience so keep kneeling to your master. Free men stand while slaves kneel. You picked the wrong gesture.

  26. Bill Smith says:

    I don’t say ‘the pledge’. One nation, INDIVISIBLE…..nope, we have the right to secede. as set forth in the Declaration of Independence. When a govt becomes unresponsive to the People, People have the right to form a new govt.

    So either you believe in a ‘pledge’ written by a socialist minister (look up the history of it), or you believe in the Declaration of Independence and the inalienable, God given rights outlined in it…..but not both.

  27. Joe Boltonn says:

    He won’t stand for our national anthem because a three year old regulation on “Net Neutrality” was repealed? What an utter imbecile..

    1. He heard it on CNN and MSNBC and now he’s all in. Wonder how he survived without NN from 1995 to 2008…hmmm.

  28. Samuel Green says:

    As a retired US soldier, one who has bled during service. I view these people taking a knee the same as I view flag burning.

    There is no excuse for a council member to take a knee during the pledge of allegiance, there is plenty of time in the day, and plenty of other opportunities outside of the Anthem and pledge of allegiance to protest to your hearts content.

    As a lifelong democrat, I am at wits end with my elected leaders acting like 4 year old spoiled children.

    This councilmember should be voted out of the council as he’s fully stuck on stupid.

  29. He’ll get re-elected. Hey, it’s Marin County – the home of those hot tub, limousine liberal Democrats, living in $10 million homes.

  30. Kendo Lee says:

    Another contributor to Hillary 2020.

  31. Article NEVER mentions the word “California”…but we all know…

  32. This guy is a useless, lying POS. Slimely little liberal hypoandrogenous puke.

  33. Carl Mann says:

    and the heads continue to explode on the west coast

  34. The entire San Francisco Bay area is a cesspool of diarrhea.
    The same goes for this city councilman.
    With his love of the country, he’d be better off moving to a socialist paradise like Caracas Venezuela.

  35. Paul Tibbets says:

    California is doing a great job, it wont be long now until California because New Venezuela.

  36. The ONLY question for a dingbat like Ford Greene is; ARE YOU GOING TO KEEP THE MONEY???

    President Trump’s blessed changes to business regulations, his pledge to middle America, his needed common sense, his educated business sense (he graduated from Wharton you know) his willingness to listen to the people, his ability to seek out experts, and his general positive demeanor has brought America new success today, and new enthusiasm for the future! We are seeing the results of President Trump’s work, influence, and improvements, in our financial portfolios!

    So, Ford Greene, are you GOING TO KEEP THE MONEY THAT PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS MADE FOR YOU??? Or, are you going to give it back? (Just write a check to the US Treasury and help reduce the national debt, Mr. Green!) But, if you KEEP THE MONEY, you had best say, “Thank you President Trump” (and STOP TRASHING HIM)! If you keep the money and continue to trash the president, YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE!

    For the past 8 years, our economy was flat and our outlook was dismal, due to the incompetent “community activist” (who was not only incredibly lazy but completely in over his head). Yet, we were not allowed to say a critical word about his incompetence, or be labeled a racist!

    Now, we can speak, and we can succeed! THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!

  37. A Bay Area lawmaker. That says it all

  38. Clegg Jensen says:

    No wonder CA has become a banana republic.

    It has become exceedingly apparent that the people we have been mistakenly and euphemistically referring to as progressives, liberals, leftists, and Democrats are in fact psychotics. Indeed, they belong in asylums, prisons, and on the gallows … not out on our streets causing mayhem … not in our schools and universities … not on our televisions … and definitely not in the government created by our Founding Fathers. Lock those whackjobs up!

  39. another Demorat AH from the land of fruits an nuts, so wrong say Trump is not wreaking on our country, this just makes LOL
    TRUMP 2020

  40. Todd Carlson says:

    Crazy guy hates Trump kneeling – got it.

  41. Obviously, as a matter of pride and principle, he refuses to take a salary or any other monetary reimbursement………NOT!

  42. Always a few hangers-on to some cause celeb popular in the moment, and disrespecting the office of president is acceptable, without even giving hum a chance, based on the bellicose and subverted media.

  43. jmrapp7 says:

    I love that President Trump is driving these nuts crazy!

  44. Bob Bruno says:

    It’s so sad to see actual Americans so brainwashed they lose touch with reality, the liberal complains about TRUMP, ignoring all that the president has done in one year to improve America, great achievement of erasing Obama and his 8 disastrous years , communists ,socialists have taken over the democrat party

  45. Rich Cole says:

    I knew it had to be somewhere in the “People’s Republic of California”. Just more proof of stupid people saying and doing stupid things to get attention. God save us from these idiots.

  46. There are still rational people left behind enemy lines here in the Peoples Republic of California. Pray for us

  47. a resident enemy of the United States, and its citizens.

  48. Doug Oritz says:

    What I don’t understand is “why is it illegal to kick his azz?”.

  49. Is it true that Ford Greene proposed a parade for Everitt Aaron Jameson? They guy accused of planning an ISIS-inspired Christmas Day suicide attack on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco

  50. IT sucks to be you, Greene!!! MAGA!!!

  51. If you are so unhappy in this nation… GTFO!!! This has always been a nation for people who WANT to be here and WANT to take advantage of all the American Dream has to offer. This is not a nation for those who do not want to be here… so again… GTFO!!!

  52. Rick Meier says:

    Glad he is showing his disdain for the U.S. Hopefully the voters are paying attention

  53. If anyone ever doubted he was a POS, he has confirmed it.

  54. Dusty Rhodes says:

    When is California finally going to seceded from our union? Is there anything I can do to help?

  55. Kerwin Hieb says:

    I really care about what he does… said no one, ever!

  56. Rik Mik says:

    With regards to Trump, this councilman SHOULD be kneeling to thank God Almighty that Trump is our President. Trump IS making America Great Again, in spite of fools like this councilman. Like most CA politicians he is doing his dead level best to destroy America.

  57. We did not have net neutrality until 2015 – and mid to late 2015 at that since it took time for all the players to implement that stupid law. We did fine with the internet from the late 1980s through 2015. How does reverting to the tried & true old law create a catastrophe? It does so only in the minds of the left wing nuts who think it’s fine to steal the networks that some companies spent hundreds of billions to build – just so some unproductive dopes can steam their movies and games as fast as those doing real business on the web or as fast as those willing to pay for the fastest uninterrupted service. He belongs on his knees but not as a protester.

  58. Kneeling in honor of the state?

  59. Chuck Finley says:

    If you (Californians), keep electing idiots, you WILL have idiots representing you. Is simple. Pelosi, Boxer, and this no-brained idiot. Explains why CA. is in the shape it’s in.

  60. Looks mighty comfortable on his knees.

  61. Kim A Kirk says:

    DemoncRats have a new front runner for their Presidential nominee.

  62. How are your taxes California? How about your lack of infrastructure spending- damns, fire equipment and the like? I know you would rather spend the $$$ on social programs.How is that working out?

  63. Just another victim of Trump Delusion Syndrome.

  64. michelle047 says:

    A bullet to the head would be a good solution to this traitor.

  65. jboothby says:

    Communist boll weevil.

  66. Wait till the Mexicans take over the state. They won’t put up with him disrespecting THEIR flag.

  67. libserum says:

    Good. We didn’t pay cash to see him do that. And it’s the Bay Area so what can you expect?
    AND he’s an idiot, referencing fantasy destruction, and crying crocodile tears over Clintonesque behavior the councilman imagines is going on in the White House. This dude’s good for a laugh.

  68. I stand up tall. Take off my hat and place my hand on my heart. I’m pleased at many of the moves Trump has made. Certainly far more than Obama who I did not trust and regularly disagreed. Perhaps this councilman would be happier in another country.

  69. What a fool he is. He thinks progressiveness is the country.
    So he’s kneeling to protest Trump destroying the progressive movement insanity.