SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Seven people were injured when a box truck ran a red light and hit two elderly pedestrians, then crashed into a car with a family inside in San Francisco’s Richmond District on Monday afternoon.

Injury Crash in S.F. Richmond District

The crash occurred at around 3:30 p.m. at the intersection of Geary Boulevard and 21st Avenue. (CBS)

The crash occurred at around 3:30 p.m. at Geary Boulevard and 21st Avenue.

Among the victims were two elderly pedestrians, one with life-threatening injuries and another with serious injuries, as well as a family of five in the car, all of whom suffered minor injuries, fire officials said.

“The driver is in custody right now. We haven’t talked to him yet — he is a Cantonese speaker only, so we’re waiting for a certified Cantoneses speaker to come out,” John Bragagnolo, with the San Francisco police department, told KPIX.

Police say that, after the crash, the driver appeared to flee the scene but a good samaritan — who happened to work for Homeland Security — stopped the driver and put him under arrest.

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Comments (5)
  1. Wow! This is some truly c r a p p y reporting, which fits K See B S quite well.

    ” waiting for a certified Cantoneses speaker to come out” You mean Cantonese, not “Cantoneses.” At least proofread your c r a p before you post it!

    Also, reading this poorly written report it sounds like the truck had a mind of its own and IT ran the red light. The driver was merely a passenger.

    Good thing we had someone from Homeland Security right there and then to handle this possible illegal on the spot!

    Republican policies work. Lib Dem policies are suicidal, as you can see in this example.

    Illegals now think that they are above the law because CA is stoned on pot and the whole state is a “sanctuary” for illegals. Ridiculous! We should build a wall around CA so this idiocy will be contained within that stupid state…hopefully.

  2. The Chinese never fail to drive worse than s#$t no matter what city they are in. They speak English like ret arded infants and yet we allow them to drive on our roads. Are you kidding me?

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