SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Former employees of Four Barrel Coffee, a popular San Francisco coffee roaster, filed a lawsuit on Friday in San Francisco Superior Court against the company and its founder Jeremy Tooker, alleging he sexually assaulted multiple women, harassed others and created a toxic workplace for female staff members.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports the eight women named in the lawsuit allege incidents where Tooker assaulted a female employee in a hotel room, only stopping when other employees intervened, forcibly grabbed another employee’s neck, simulated sex acts with employees at a company party, made lewd speeches, kissed employees against their will and threatened to fire a staff member for speaking to another former employee.

The suit depicts a company with rampant sexual misconduct, and an ownership group — led by Tooker, along with partners Jodi Geren and Tal Mor — that chose to address neither the misconduct nor employees’ complaints about it. One employee was let go soon after reporting an incident to management and was told she was “not a good fit” for the company.

According to the suit, partners Jodi Geren and Tal Mor responded to complaints about Tooker sexually assaulting multiple women at a company party by telling the employees not to “create drama.”

Neither Tooker nor Geren responded to multiple Chronicle inquiries regarding the allegations.

Local chefs Charlie Hallowell of Pizzaiolo, Boot & Shoe Service, and Penrose, Ken Friedman, co-owner of Tosca Cafe, and Michael Chirarello of Coqueta and Bottega have all faced allegations from several employees each of harassment.

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  1. Jeremy Tooker seems like the type of guy that needs to force himself into the ladies because they would not want to touch that.

  2. Is there any reason NOT to boycott 4 barrel coffee? I would not want my dollars to benefit this creep.

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