SAN FRANCISCO (CBS) — A public service announcement that was supposed to deter people from driving while high has been pulled off the air.

The campaign to keep stoned drivers off our streets went up in smoke just nine days after broadcasting across the state.

The ad was part of a push to stop drugged driving by the California Office of Traffic Safety but its message is off the air due to a brewing backlash.

“DUI doesn’t just mean booze… weed, pot, edibles,” it began, followed by several people saying why they smoke marijuana.

“It helps my anxiety… my cramps … my appetite,” the said, one by one.

Then it ended with them all saying they’d never get behind the wheel after using.

“I don’t drive, I don’t drive… I never drive high.”

But some say the ad actually promotes and normalized the use of pot, when they add, “I just like it… okay, I love it.”

Carla Lowe heads a Political Action Committee against the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana.

“It’s appalling, it’s nothing less than a mixed message,” she says. “Why do they talk about all of the good that it does.”

It has become an increasing challenge for law enforcement now that pot is legal law enforcement says awareness about the dangers of driving high is crucial.

“It is something that is necessary and we believe that it is important to get impaired drivers off the road,” said Shaun Hampton of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department.

The PSA was taken off air by the Office of Traffic Safety, which explained its decision in a statement saying the agency is, “…committed to informing people about the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We are cognizant and share the concerns expressed over certain elements of our most recent ads. As a result, we will continue to refine and improve messaging as we move forward.”


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