Could Eddie DeBartolo regain his status as an NFL owner? Carmen Policy thinks so.

It’s the NFL playoff time of year and, for me, it generally calls for a sit down interview with the former 49ers second-in-command.

Policy’s stories never get old. I suppose the embellishment gets better in some cases, but a Team of the Decade stroll down memory lane is always a good thing, especially when the 49ers haven’t won a Super Bowl in 23 years.

Policy wove his magic at an awards banquet for the Construction Employers Association in Concord. Prior to interviewing Carmen on-stage, he took time to give me a few minutes to talk Patriots, Jimmy G, Jon Gruden and the unenviable and somewhat impossible task of trading Joe Montana to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The kicker? Carmen says Eddie can become an owner once again. Question is, does he really want back in?

Dennis O'Donnell