SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A neo-Nazi activist organization claimed credit online for a sign mocking San Francisco’s policy on undocumented immigrants which was hung over the Yerba Buena Island tunnel on Sunday morning.

S.F. Danger

(Identity Evropa via Twitter)

The sign, reading “Danger Sanctuary City Ahead,” greeted westbound motorists heading into the city on the Bay Bridge.

It was apparently placed by “Identity Evropa,” which has been identified as a white supremacist organization and is designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group.

Identity Evropa posted photos of the sign on its Twitter account.

Caltrans removed the sign mid-morning. It was not clear what agency, if any, would investigate the incident.

There was no word as to exactly when the sign went up. Officials admitted that the people who hung the sign had to trespass on a restricted area above the tunnel. A KPIX 5 reporter found wide open gate that led to the overpass where the banner was hung.

Comments (8)
  1. Southern Poverty Law Center fights hate groups. Remember Las Vegas and all the other spree killers: white American males.

  2. Why don’t they have signs warning people that they are entering AIDSville?
    No one seems to care to remember that it was all of that free man on man love that spread the AIDS across the world.
    Now even poor Africans are suffering in their third world countries from AIDS because the bathhouses were allowed and the man on man love was celebrated in SF.

  3. SPLC IS a hate factory. It’s bizarre. Micheael Greenlee I suggest you leave western culture to save yourself from whites. Las Vegas is ridiculous.
    Most people see right through the media’s non-stop anti-white narrative.

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