LOS ALTOS (CBS SF) – CHP officers are investigating another possible attack on a tech bus Monday night after the window of a bus was allegedly shattered while traveling north on I-280.

CHP officers from the Redwood City station said they received a report that the window of a bus was shattered on Interstate 280, but they have not locate the bus nor been able to contact the reporting party.

The CHP could not say yet if the window was shattered by a pellet gun, a real gun or a rock.

Earlier this month, authorities were investigating attacks on tech buses on the same freeway.

On January 17, CHP confirmed that six buses chartered by two major Bay Area tech companies to get employees to and from work were targeted by someone launching projectiles at the vehicles as they traveled on Interstate 280, authorities said.

The buses carrying the employees had been using I-280 to get between San Francisco, Cupertino and Mountain View.

Five of the attacks happened in the morning and evening on Tuesday between Highway 84 in Woodside and Highway 85 in Cupertino.

Four of the buses were carrying workers for the tech giant Apple, while the fifth was carrying Google workers.

CHP said the buses were attacked with some sort of projectile while on interstate 280 between Cupertino and San Francisco.

“At this point, we don’t know what was actually thrown at them or shot at them, said Redwood City CHP Officer Art Montiel. We’re not ruling anything out.  It could be anything from a rock to a BB gun.”

The rocks or shots only took out the outer layer of the buses’ double pane windows and no one was hurt.

Although all of the buses were unmarked, the shuttles are well known for transporting high-tech workers. Protesters have targeted them before.

An internal Apple employee memo on the incident says coaches are being re-routed for the time being and that the detours could result in longer commute times for employees.

  1. This kind of thing will only get more and more prevalent as California grows by twenty million more by mid century because too many people are destroying this area’s qaulity of life, thus resentment leads to the displaced re4sentment.